IG stripping IG: the Civil War Continues.

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  1. Well there hasn't been much news about it in the forums, but the iG civil war is still alive and well as the members of WiG and WiT along with the support of certain factions of the OG alliance try to pry IG clan ownership out of the hands of HeyWTF.

    The latest attempt was a 3.2T strip on CanadianGal. The reports are that this was a failed attempt, and that she self-pinned on quests while the strip was going on. Either way, it looks like there is lots of fight left on both sides, so stay tuned for more war updates.

    Disclaimer: war related posts only please.
  2. Which side is the good guys in this war :p .
  3. @s3
    Are there ever any Good guys?
  4. Wow. Things heating up I see
  5. I don't know. Why would wit and wig want to get away unless HeyWTF did something bad/mean.
  6. HeyWTF is the person who reported the gold exploit which caused a lot of iG players to lose gold from it. In iG's opinion, HeyWTF did the right thing, but the rest of the iG council wants to kick him off the council for reporting them and fighting for ownership of the clan. That's where the division is.

    The real iG, to me, is the WiT and WiG clans sine that's where most of the leadership resides. However, HeyWTF was/is the leader if the iG council and in Phil's last thread about this he covered some other specifics.

    Phil can you put a link to your other thread so new people know more about the situation?
  7. Who was CG wearing for this event?

  8. iG vs iG?

    I'm putting money on iG to win!
  9. Are these threads really need op you just attention seeking
  10. At rath. Yes they are needed. Because how else are people going to know about it? Someone is going to make a post about it.
  11. UPDATE:

    Phil still sucks at reporting on wars.

    Note: As I mentioned the word "WAR" this post is war related. 
  12. @shak how does he suck at posting about wars?
  13. I say keep yah dam nose out of others people business and get on with yah own wars
  14. @ atree

    How doesn't he suck? You don't really even new to narrow it down to reporting on wars. If you wanted to break it down, it would be a pretty hefty outline:

    I. Personal Life
    A. Basic Life functions
    1. Breathing
    2. Walking
    3. Talking
    4. Eating

  15. Phil, I enjoy your posts, brings a bit of entertainment to read. Totally a popcorn thread maker.


    Please like spy on either side or something so you know everything that is happening.
    The problem about this game is people are from all over the world. They don't see things as they happen so messages can be misinterpreted or not seen.

    If your who I think you are, then I know where you are seeing this information, but please review and collect a little more information before posting. Otherwise its just one word vs the other. Never ending lol.

    Thx for the entertainment ;)
  16. Interesting.
  17. Wow drama in ig
  18. I knew iG wouldnt last.