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Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by Leo-Shocker, Dec 23, 2018.

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  1. Aight ill call you out bexause youre getting all hype in wc and i have no speakers.
    Besides arguing with worms in wc... Youll just flood it and i lose
    So where people can use ratio ality and common sense leta spout it out.

    Sometimes... Things just die.
    Theres nothing you did/didnt do as "ig runners" to contribute to that.
    Youre a psychosis wannabe and thats being nice.
    After 9-10 years the collective ig mindhive just isnt feeling it anymore. The games changed and they didnt like how it went.
    Stop acting like god because youve yet to take on a real osw clan with real ose players and show some respect.
    Even i can look at games msg and lol because its actually funny not savage. The clan system literally started because of iG and foxes warring 
    Now for iG closing. Sad but i can see why. Empires always fall but itll be weird to see KaW"s first clan go. I remember fighting amongst iG and against them. I was #2 on lb in stripwar against them during hollow war and majesty and i trash talked eachother in wc. Got heated and apologized for getting personal at times. But no hate as the trashtalking has always been fun. Many great players have gone through iG. Hopefully when doora reopen it will thrive again.
  2. Sad to see the closure of IG- a clan whose legacy will always remain in Kaw history. Best of luck for the future!
  5. Mahahahahahaha, if any original ig around. Guess this means I win.....
  6. There is no glory in this closure to be won. It’s a necessary thing. This man has chosen to close his clan and rebuild. Foxes was dead as well and was closed far earlier than now.
    Foxes has woken again, I hope iG will stay with the same name and will have great and some of the old folk come home to help Leo awake iG again.
  7. They need crimsonstar to comeback. He is strong leader hard head
  8. Ur the biggest idiot on this game
  9. I was part of the old IG it was a great clan
  10. IG was consistently the best osw clan for so long, outlived blackhand, omets, all of them. IG and foxes will go down in history, somewhere..
  11. Hopefully somewhere warm with a pleasant view
  12. Your stupidity continues to amaze me
  13. Locking per OP request.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.