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Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by Leo-Shocker, Dec 23, 2018.

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  1. Whatever you do Leo do not under any circumstances allow batch to infiltrate your clan and bring another epic family to destruction that guy's garbage will always be garbage he eats garbage he is garbage
  2. I think maybe the comeback strategy was a bit off?

    I agree though. It is always sad to see once mighty clans close. That is a reminder though that there are many clans and players still out there doing well and staying strong. Even in this new KaW arena. Cheers to all the warriors out there.
  3. Whatever you do Leo do not under any circumstances allow batch to infiltrate your clan and bring another epic family to destruction that guy's garbage will always be garbage he eats garbage he is garbage
  4. I definitely had some great memories while in iG way back then. Sad to see it go. Gl in your endeavors
  5. Isn't iG that clan which could hold 120 members on their clanlist...???
  6. This
  7. Made me LOL
  8. Savage
  9. Sad to see it go leo , we had fun and you're a great leader , good luck p.s. talking from a statless alt 

    Joker,Villain,Harry leader of Apex of Evil ️
  10. Are you disbanding the clan? don’t you have an extra 20 slots on that clan.
  11. It’s interesting, how this went then to read this.

    Leo you wanted to be competitive but you didn’t want to accept change.

    What did you expect? You did this..
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  12. This is what I heard as well
  13. Agree with game. We must adapt to the changes in the game. Old way was fun not just because of the game mechanics. Leo a good guy with old war mentality. iG picked on its strength. Hard to get back to that after losing the true loyal members. We had fun in the past because we had close friends fighting beside us no matter which side you are. Leo lost most of those guys and Leo I doubt even remember some of the old iG still active but only roaming around kaw. I think until Leo earn their respect and loyalty they will just play their way. Leo needs to earn their loyalty back if he want them back.
  14. He doesn’t. iG is closing it’s doors and starting fresh. I hate it, but I accept it. All good things must come to an end sadly. Any true old iG should have come and fought alongside the rest of us who stayed once again even if you liked Leo or not. That’s the iG way. Or at least that’s what Brood always taught me. Damn he was one helluva fighter.
  15. I wouldn’t change the clan name, I’d block entry and kick everyone but I think preserving it as piece of KaWs history is a worthwhile endeavor.
  16. Would be nice to see 120 slot event clan, one that’s not gay like sucker punch is
  17. F :( I hope all ends well.
  18. iG:

    Bitterest of enemies, steadfast allies, fondest of memories, and a royal pain in my ass.

    I remember vividly the few hours of peace I had when Raven and Assassin stopped farming me only to have iG pick up where they left off shortly after. You lot were brutal and I shamelessly admit to selling out to KingHawkEyes for protection. Little did I know, this indentureship would result in an offer that I could not refuse: help start our own clan and fight back. Soon thereafter, Foxes went public with a mission statement of stopping the tyranny of iG (no mention of Chaos, I love you all, but you all were a deal for another day).

    So began our feud though. The Great War was the best of KaW and I would not trade those 5 days for anything as we beat each other to a pulp. I was devastated on day 3 when my phone was confiscated for trying to keep my targets pinned while I was in gym class and waiting for each day’s results to be posted in the forums was exhilarating! As we spilled each other’s blood in those days, so too did we become bonded by it. It was the distinct honor of every Fox to continue our battle and even stand along side you for a time...even though we got walked all over for a bit that war. When Foxes closed shop, I counted iG among my refuge clans and was beyond glad for the support when our crew took the boards from the windows. Even into this past year, we collaborated with a the Bang-em-Up war that rejuvenated a lot of fighting spirit I dare say on both sides.

    To arrive here this week saddens me greatly. We all loose when a piece of history disappears. Nine years you lot have been a thorn in my side, but also the perfect foil for the clan of Foxes. So cheers to all the players and time that has passed, but cheers again to what comes next. You will have my support and all that I can muster of my clan mates in your coming developments.

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