If you had 50 trillion what would u do with it

Discussion in 'Activities' started by The_Giant_Killer, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. I would buy #1 most expensive player to get on ally lb

  2. I'd say at least a grand and a half.. But then you gotta consider all the build equip etc. to have 50t must be a big account tho so yeah at least 1500$
  3. live happily ever after
  4. Cause spiralling inflation and create an economic crisis.

    I'd buy all the banks and businesses in America and get them all bulldozed down and then replace them with Communist propaganda then build an army and take over the USA and create a communist dictatorship.
  5. Why a communist dictatorship? And why stop at the USA?
  6. Because I believe in equality
  7. And after spending the $30 billion needed to buy America's debt and all its businesses, my private army would cost quite a bit as well. After that, I'd have to spend the rest of my money on propaganda and restructuring
  8. I would have gone for a more already stable country like Germany.
  9. Id go for the world :D
  10. I'd make my own kaw with blackjack and strippers
  11. Ug as soon as possible to full Bc. Then buy as many crap pro allies as possible.
  12. Id strip redstars allies, then wait for the lols
  13. I would pay for saltyfeet to go back to grammar school
  14. I would buy the biggest cookie in this universe!
  15. Volley a new alt to 50t, then use that gold it made to volley another alt. then I'd have an army of overpriced statless alts.
  16. 20 tril in allies.
    20 tril in upgrades
    9 tril in bronze bars
    1 tril in all pots
  17. id buy all my lands then put a building on them
  18. 50 trill woot buy all u're lands