If you could....

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  1. If you could be dev for a day, what would you do?
  2. Ban you
  3. Absolutely +1
  4. Lock this thread.
  5. Ip ban you from every game in existence
  6. That’s a blooming powerful dev shifter :shock:
  7. However! To answer the question...

    I would instil a black market system for charms and furnishings and equipment to be exchanged through using a stock exchange centre. That way inflation would be curbed as it is run by the computer of what’s being sold and bought rather than the fairly insane prices people quote with this unregulated system.
  8. That wouldn't curb inflation you idiot and if it does explain how

  9. Perhaps it removes some of the outlying idiots' offers would b eliminated it would create a more effective guide to medium values so ppl don't get cheated but rarity is a factor / how old things r
  10. Chad gets it quiga. Sorry that my idea caused you such offence that you used the i word on me :shock:

    You’re right that a different trading system won’t eradicate inflation as a concept. But the rate of inflation would be increased based on an average value rather than player-assessed outcomes of ludicrously high offers.
  11. Shots fired
  12. What did you call him?
  13. Fix the war system ;)
  14. Put out a LB of people who:

    Top Botting Accounts/Clans
    Biggest Spenders daily and all time
    Split PVP from EB Stats for LB Battles

    permanently incentivize PvP with payouts like EBs and Events

    Fix Hit Ranges (BFE/BFA/)to Nerf Drop Builds from preying on fresh meat.

    Get rid of furniture and add buildings types that boost troop regen and plunder

    Then I’d take a coffee break and start on the real issues...
  15. Press the self destruct button

  16. Support
  17. Devs dgaf anymore. They just earning and earning effortlessly.
  18. Bring back the reset button. ️
  19. Set up a scholarship fund or grant for at least one school aged KAWer who proves him/herself worthy of it & wants to study Computer Science / Programming. Have KAWmunity nominate 5 candidates and decide who that one is.
  20. And this ...achievement for BC then reset like before