If you could change 1 thing about KAW?

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by --SHaRK-_-MaCHiNE, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. If you could change 1 thing what would it be? I want to here your ideas! Maybe we can something done!

    Please only constructive suggestions and no talk about drama, about mods, or lazy Devs. TY!
  2. I’d like to bring back how you couldn’t drop allies., they had to be bought off you ., it was cool back then cuz people would advertise selling people on WC


    Selling TheEnragedOne for 350 mill
  3. I would fire mei
  4. I’d cap how many days you can hide allies for. Look at resilience top 5 accounts and 4/5 are hiding allies. Gooftroop forgot her spell then sold them off once we noticed. That’s not a way to play a 9 tap game
  5. I would give devs the radical ability of "forethought".
  6. I would abolish the moderators......just because Winston has a thing for them they have outlived their role in kaw. The only players in kaw that are supporting the mods are themselves.
  7. It would be shutdown completely
  8. Installing.
  9. New developers
  10. Limit of 2/3 premium ebs in clan per 24 hours
  11. Come with some better themes during events im tired same old lookn equipment and them dam animals and make low lands go to lv20
  12. Make charms non-tradeable
  13. Cresplate can be trade
  14. I would fire mei