If warring system is so unfair ... it’s not fun

Discussion in 'Wars' started by __MG_of__WoG____, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Side note, if anyone wants a video of me doing 3 attacks a second on someone this lowland war, don’t worry I’m taking it. You wanna see how easy pc is and the speed it offers, hit me with a follow.
    Until then. Keep calling pc users botters.
    Yes pc killed wars. Period. No denying that. But damn guys. Not everyone is a botter.
  2. Literally nobody wants a video fam stop being a nerd
  3. You’re right I’m just a noob like everyone else, I just bot... I mean use pc.
  4. What makes you think its an alt? Its just not an eb fairy. I could still kick your ass.
  5. You're welcome to try. That's an open invitation for you and your main btw. Unlike you I don't need to hide.
  6. DMC that’s literally his main dude...
  7. The he hasn't played for 8 years like he claims.

    Either way he wants to talk trash I say bring it. I'm an EB fairy according to him. I invite him to come at me with all of his accounts.

    Simple enough of a request I think.
  8. That depends on your definition of a main. This is the only account i still play regularly. Its not my biggest account, my oldest account or my best account. You are an eb fairy lmao. Look at your stats, your EE 0, the constant hits on eb you do.
  9. I'm an EB fairy yet you're still afraid to show me any of these accounts. How's it feel to be all talk? You said you could kick my ass, I invited you to yet you are still yapping it.

    Reality is this, I expect nothing from you because that's most likely what you're capable of.
  10. Dude? Hello? You're literally only talking yourself. Havent seen any inc! Im not "afraid" to show my accounts, i keep them hidden for strategic purposes.
  11. Sounds like bs. Then again that is the easy cop out for you isn't it. Have fun with your mini "PvP" skirmishes by the hour you EE fairy. Might even get that Rogue badge updated one day.