Idol Prices

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  1. Hey Folks

    Short thread here but what price would you pay for idols?

    Some people seem to think they're rare and cost 10x what they're worth and some think they're trash and pretty much give them away.

    So which is it?

    I payed maybe 15Mil for 150 this morning, While another person I bought from said someone was willing to pay 1 mil per idol the other day.
  2. Idols rare? Lol . Have you ever open event boxes, royal or not? I’ll answer with another question. How much are charms?
  3. I had people reject good offers saying they are worth way more. Dunno where it's come from but i've had some people ask for extortionate prices for idols.

    They shouldn't be rare or valuable in the slightest but i've seen to many people insisting they are to get me wondering.
  4. I have 6, u can have them for free if u think they’re worth a lot. Good luck
  5. I want it!
    Cacarez, please propose a trade with me if you're willing to trade those Idols!
  6. I’ve seen this as well actually. At one point I wanted to trade out all my charms stat for stat with idols and I had people telling me idols were worth 4m each. Not sure where that math comes from when they are 80k stat and not even slightly rare. The charm market in this game is severely confusing. I don’t even try to trade anymore. I never really did but my few attempts have left me wondering how drunk kaw players are.
  7. The charm market in this game is only confusing because the prices are 100% made up
  8. Depends on how much you idolize a piece.
  9. Lemon hasn’t followed back, i followed you. As soon as u follow back u can have them
  10. Fyi, i opened 7 boxes. I got the 75 nobs promo and purchased 7 keys( black marble set, i’m trying to complete it), every single box gave idols and something else( higher or equal rarity : aqua, walls, pillars) but the idols were there. So to answer your question, no the idols are not worth more than 80k each
  11. It’s the Riders of the Lowlands statue that they combine to make. It’s 4mcs. So sell the idols at 4m each.

    I have a lot of them for sale. 4m each
  12. @domo: don’t you need 40 of them for the set? 40x80=3.2mil. So realy, at best they’re worth 100k
  13. Even so why would one buy them for 100k each? There’s no gain in it, u get idols regardless, loads of them
  14. I usually trade 1 royal box per idol
  15. Little update on this.
    It feels like since making this post people have jacked their prices up like mad. A good deal a few days ago is now not good enough.

    It's not even like people are just giving me dodgy prices after making a this post. My alts that are completely unconnected to this account are also getting worse prices.

    Have i started some kind of ingame idol price hike :D
  16. They cost 4m each. It’s the priced for ppl stacking the end product.
  17. I know that but the math makes no sense. 4m x40=4m ?
  18. Squint your eyes and sell them 4m each
  19. I do have plenty to sell.
  20. I wouldn’t spend more than 100kcs per idol but if I’m selling, I’ll check the market, sometimes they sell for 1mcs per idol. It all depends on the market really.