Ideas for KaW's Progression

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  1. Thank you for the feedback :)
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  3. Y not just address the failed PvP and war systems in place in kaw right now.
  4. Instead you ask for a way for lb to transfer gold so lb can just transfer from their alts to main account? This can be easily manipulated.
  5. The top parameters suggested for transfer were the following:

    1. Cannot transfer to an account above 100 lands
    2. Max transfer of 500b a day

    The reason for this is that LB can easily make 500b (or even 1t) a day, so why use an alt to just transfer that much when they can run one train and go upwards of 100T?

    A 47 xtal train on ZTA for me gets around 1.5T. That's not a whole lot for a LB player, much less the 500b transfer cap. But for a player my size, with 90 lands unlocked, 500b is an osmon upgrade or up to a level 5 hf or an abyss upgrade - which guarantees faster growth for smaller players bringing the playerbase closer together in size and taking gold out.

    Not to mention the 100 land cap limit. What sane player would stay under 100 lands for 500b a day when he could get 125 lands and make way more?
  6. I don't think this would work. I don't see the fun in a new person joining just to have money handed over to them. What's the point of even playing the game when you could just go on wc and beg some big account to give you some money. Honestly kaw had its prime but now it's over and there's not much devs can do but hold on to their loyal player base for a while longer.
  7. That's for the first idea the others and not too bad but they have been introduced in some way for a long time now and no sign of devs ever doing something.
  8. Sorry I just wanted to clarify, what is this gold transfer going to be used for specifically?
  9. they should reduce price of osmon rai lands and absyss lands and building cost of abyss so thatthe mids can grow bigger as many people are stuck at 50-200/250mcs (whose whose osw and pvp and spend less) if these group get to become bigger then more competion for bc players. smaller players can grow fast acually and also thats why many stay small if they become size of 50mcs++ hard to afford towers for thier size so better to stay small. So devs help mid players grow then more fun

    bulla nana husko :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. The price of Osmon also acts as a gold sink, also as an investment of your gold to build your kingdom.
  11. For bigger players to help their friends or newer players grow. For gold to be taken out of the game. For allies to stop being volleyed to sky-high prices as a way to transfer gold.

    It's for the players to use within the parameters.
  12. Seems cool. I'd know this because I'm cool. If this happens I'd definitely play the game more as a new player, you can see by my activity badge I've pretty much given up already...
  13. Bigger players to help their friends, ok.

    Newer players? From my experiences the only time a big ever helps anyone is during a volley and that's because thry want more profit.

    Possible gold sink?
    Gold to be taken from someone to be placed into another person's hands

    Gold transferring wont stop inflation

    Limiting it through parameters is smart but even then 500Bil a day.

    Would a big go out of their way?

    Rhymed >.>

    This would be a great way to bring back KaW banks.

    Accounts that are primarily used for strip funds.

    Ofc, strpping is pretty pointless now but if say like a big clan full of lbers decided to dump their cash into one acc.

    They could probs flood the market extremely easily.
  14. my suggestioning on reducing price to help mid player get bigger and reducing the gap
  15. maybe having another sale like black friday soon? i knowing will causing more gold for bc but also help more smalls and mid grow bigger and closer gap. more new bc too then and good for devs too more profit?
  16. last times dev nedding to release new lands cause many have big bfa and cant be hit. but now even the ally lb can be hit and stripped thats why no need bfa yet its war game someone wshould just strip those ally lb players and the eb fairies
  17. Another Black Friday would just widen the gap
  18. I would like more graduated balance between big builds and small builds, the gap and rate of growth is too large.