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  1. Here is an idea that could encourage more osw. When a stripped target lose huge amounts of gold per steal, the accounts doing the steal should get a huge amount of gold for their action. something proportional to the lost of the target. It could be something like the plunder of the regular steal plus 33% of the gold taken. That additional gold plunder could even been increased using the UA Spell.
  2. No support to easy to abuse no bigs help smalls unless it's there alt
  3. Elaborate on this hypothesis rather than just mumbling stuff since you clearly didn't read OP. I provided SS of players willing to help and restrictions to avoid abuse.
  4. Actually onesy & I are bigs- this whole idea was centered around helping smalls
  5. Hey guys.
    I killed kaw
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  6. True, maybe your example was to far fetched. like you said, you got ss of bigger peeps saying theyd help yet one can only speculate because saying an actually doing two separate things instead of fund transfer how bout a user black market to sale old gear from gifting to a user created fee frees up space an would be a nice addition going go the market trying to buy last seasons atire at a discounted rate or over priced idk maybe the saler trolling with a fake amount to bait a farm target who know sky's the limit add you input constructive criticism or whatever it is the forums an kaw is a diverse community peeks will agree or disagree an sometime violently disagree
  7. Yes, i asked for your opinion and i agree that KaW is diverse. The Black Market idea had been put out a few years back and nothing was done with it, plus with all the new event equip, last seasons equip would lack in value. Look at this event's equip, i think the equip for 7,500 has around 100m in every category.

    As far as the ss go, several of the players had said they helped others by way of ally transfer which would cost them more to help another player gain even a slight amount of gold such as 1-2T.
  8. The whole idea of the gold transfer is for bigs to help their friends and clanmates out at the same time as levelling playing field and removing gold from kaw. I for one would definitely take advantage of this to help my friends and smalls
  9. Support on the Banking system. I always wanted something like that. Helps keep the new player as well.
  10. You have my support. This would help give newer players and casual players a chance to catch up with everyone else by just simply playing the game. That's how it should be. People who spend money should obviously be rewarded but the gap has gotter so vast there's almost no point in playing without paying hardcore cash.

  11. Very true
  12. You have no life but to write paragraphs about a game, off it. Oh and unblock me ya ugly cow girl 
  13. I think this would have gained more support if each idea was handled with their own thread. Though each of them have their on merit and individuality they are all solid Ideas I feel timing bites this thread more than anything else.

    This is because of the developers are coming out with a new update to the game and are attempting to hype out their building tokens.

    The Building tokens may eliminate the need for idea number 3.

    Idea number two sounds good and I will always support anything pro pvp but I feel other actions are needed an a .001 chance isn't enough to really help pvp and OSW. It doesn't do enough but War needs more than Plunder and having that as an added extra would not hurt so I support it.

    Idea number one will have a challenge because people will point that players will use this for their alts over helping new players and in the end both would happen. I love the idea though I would make 50% tax on trade. This is because there really is far to much gold in game.

    Sadly I feel like Battle Tokens would eliminate this idea as well. Even though your idea is more intimate and helps with the social aspect of the game better, by allowing new players to get more involved with the bigger player, it may be impractical in the developers eyes.

    Though I support it with a 50%tax because it could also help war clans keep the players who love to only hit in the game and allow them to grow.

    I would support other percentages as well 35% tax, 40% 60%. But the number should be high so that it can be considered a solid Gold Sink and one the lbers could invest in when they decide to help their clan mates and the new kids on the block.

    That and it can be used in OSW wars for CF.

    2 out of 3 very solid ideas.

    I think number 1 and number 2 combined would help OSW clans a lot as well as new players and pvp happy clans.

    Honestly I do have adjustment to both ideas that may or may not be better but I will hold on to my idea for now and see what this dec update is.

    If the update doesn't fix what I feel it needs to I will pm you the transcript to see if you wish to post it in forums.
  14. Thank you just read this :) let's see what devs do, if nothing comes about in regards to what we want definitely share your ideas ♡
  15. Suppose but would like to see this with equip as well
  16. Hmm that could be interesting
  17. I like all three ideas,
    Idea #2 would make EE wars a tad more interesting with a wild card element thrown into the mix.

    Idea #1 could be a useful addition if implemented with the right parameters.

    Idea #3 should already be in play if you ask me. Would be a better pop up than that 30 minute daily offer.