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  1. Hello Fellow KaWers, ever since the release of the thread with things that are coming up and the devs requesting feedback, i asked some other players their thoughts on what should be done in the farmfest room of an unnamed third party chatting app used by many of us here today. Some gave insightful opinions; some took previous ideas and built upon them. I am here today presenting these ideas in one thread - rather than multiple threads as to keep back on our beloved forum's spam - so that we may all see KaW progress for once in a direction that many will be pleased with instead of regressing further into events of boredom, ever increasing the gap between players who will not be able to catch up to the esteemed LCBC accounts.

    The topics we will be going over are:
    • 1. A banking system
      2. A PvP plunder system
      3. Login Rewards

    :!: Alas, I am going to dive into the ideas, so bear with me and read each carefully so that you may understand the idea fully through, then comment. :!:

    Idea no. 1 is a banking system called the Sicilian Council.(*1) The Sicilian Council is a caravan of merchants who transport currency from one kingdom/clan to another, with payment of course. In return for their work, your currency would be safely escorted to a clan/kingdom of choice with a tax of 15%.

    At this point, we became baffled by the problem of whether or not the SC should be individual based or clan based. We chose the path of individual based and here is our reasoning. We viewed the individual banking system as a way for big players to help smaller players without having to transfer the funds through an ally volley, which jacks the ally market up sky-high so that the newer players don't have a stable ally market to work with AND provide as a gold sink. Yes, the ally market has always been pretty wishy washy, but this is an attempt to fix it for the future instead of complaining about "how i had to deal with it so why shouldnt they". That's not what this thread is about; this thread is about us coming together as a community and presenting solid ideas before the devs that benefit both us and them.

    Back to the gold sink idea, the SC would deal in currency of silver bars. As we all know, Sb lose 25% of their value when sold. So, when you buy a silver bar, have the SC transport it (15%), and then a person receives it, they would then cash the sb losing another 25%, creating a 37% gold sink.

    Ex: Onesy sends MiloneLSA 10T. The SC takes 1.5T (15%), leaving 8.5T in the transfer. Milo receives the transfer and cashes it in. He loses 25% of the remaining gold bars, giving him 6.375T at the end of the deal.

    For those who say that bigger players would never help a smaller player, I talked to several players in the TOP 100 of the LB and asked them.

    :idea: To avoid exploitation, we suggested a limit be placed on the bank. A person may only receive from the bank if they have under 100 lands (subject to change). If a player meets that requirement then they could receive no more than 500B a day (subject to change).

    The bank system would also effect OSW. A clan transfers sb to a specific account then that account would unbank the sb and precede to strip his target for his supportive clan. Downside, you can't backtrack allies through a filter to a bank account then strip said bank account hurting your enemy.

    *1. (Name is open for Devs to change, but we will call it the SC).

    But wait, there's more :shock:

    Idea no. 2 would be a PvP plunder bonus to encourage off and in-system PvP. The spell, which we named Ghostly Aura, would generate at random by hitting other players whether in WC, BL or EE. The rate of generation is unset, but we suggested a 1 in 1,000 rate (.001%) :twisted:

    Idea no. 3 is Daily Logins - for the smalls. The concept is to give new players a reward for logging into the game, helping them along the way as they understand the mechanics and overall giving them a jumpstart on LL and HL. Day 1-6 is gold rewards for logging in, while day 7 is a premium item, giving the new player a taste of sweet sugar.

    Rewards would look something like this:

    Week 1
    Day 1 - 1b
    Day 2 - 5b
    Day 3 - 10b
    Day 4 - 20b
    Day 5 - 30b
    Day 6 - 50b
    Day 7 - Crystal

    Week 2
    Day 1 - 20b
    Day 2 - 35b
    Day 3 - 50B
    Day 4 - 65b
    Day 5 - 80b
    Day 6 - 95b
    Day 7 - Horn

    Week 3
    Day 1 - 75b
    Day 2 - 100b
    Day 3 - 112b
    Day 4 - 125b
    Day 5 - 150b
    Day 6 - 175b
    Day 7 - 4 Circles (the standard ZTA clan entry fee)

    Week 4
    Day 1 - 125b
    Day 2 - 150b
    Day 3 - 170b
    Day 4 - 200b
    Day 5 - 225b
    Day 6 - 250b
    Day 7 - Build Token

    After Day 7 of Week 4, the system would switch to one that can benefit everyone. This system was theorized off the daily deals. If a person buys a daily deal such a 7 xtals for the price of 6, then the day after, upon logging in, that player would have a 50% chance at earning a free xtal.

    Thank you for reading, I hope this has given ideas to some and may be possible to put into the game for a positive cause.

    Special thanks to the following for helping me with and adding their own ideas:

    This couldn't have been done without them. We will be adding more ideas in the future in a separate thread. Stay tuned!

    MiloneLSA :ugeek:
  2. 1. Ghostly Aura is designed like UA, except generated randomly and with lesser time.
  3. Reserved 1
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  5. I definitely support this. Infact, i was talking to onesy today about how the beginning and mid game of kaw growing is killing it since a new player joins into the game and sees it will take him years to BC, and this is extremely disheartening. The end game should be what takes the grind, not the beginning and middle.

    There are a lot of LB players who have always enjoyed and helped people grow through volleying or buy allies with smaller players and friends. This is extremely helpful to the community and a healthy population in the game.

    Bomanator and myself used to buy allies of anyone who asked on our LB accounts, especially if they were friends. This is why so many who knew him took offense to his stripping as well.

    Anyways, i support this and ide like to see the developers take notice of this and implement such a system as the gap between newb and BC is the biggest factor killing the game.

  6. What about a bounty system put a bounty on some1 Who you don't like
    for some juicy gold reward?? Think about this
  7. Not bad. Didnt know there were folks with brains in LSA. Support.
  8. All of these are great, support
  10. 100% support for the Daily logins and pvp bonus. Anything is better than nothing, and incentives are a must.

    And Volling Money to accounts is very very expensive. It took me 10T on two accounts(20T and 20T on me) to make like 1-3T i believe. (I dont even know how much it was, but it wasn't significant)

    The only other thing i personally believe that could be incorporated with Daily logins is Daily Challenges. Provide incentives for Loyalty and Activity
  11. Interesting thought, Suptis. We'll bear that in mind
  12. The ghostly aura was supposed to be like ua only a lesser percent and less time
  13. Thanks for the reminder :)
  14. Some interesting ideas, well thought out, well presented. Nice job
  15. Support
  16. Bump to the top of AT :ugeek: