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  1. So this is just a idea but, It would great if the devs made a war tournament on shark week. A shark avatar/banner would be great! I hope you all love this idea as much as i do! We have so many other avatars and banners in kaw but not yet a shark themed one, by my knowlege atleast. Instead of the spring war (flower) that surrounded the username it would be a shark! Hopefully with enough support it will draw the devs attention to this forumn and have the devs really take it into consideration because it is a good idea! Thx for listening!
  2. No...because I’ve been drinking.

    Straight up, the devs aren’t taking feedback and implementing it. They’re too busy screwing things up, punishing those taking advantage of THEIR mistakes and giving two poops about KaW.

    You’d be better off making this suggestion on one of their darling games.

    PS: pound sand ATA customer support, you suck!

    TLDR: drink more, play kaw less 
  3. Shark week is like 3 weeks away so it could be fit in. It honestly depends on whether they feel that kind of event fits in with their plans and schedule.

    I am all for more unique events but I'm not a Dev and don't know what they have planned. Who knows maybe they already have something planned
  5. Sorry meant to say that it’s a little depressing that even the Mods have no idea of ata’s plans. You’d have thought that they and the VK’s would at least have a 6 month road map shared with them to comment on and provide useful, player based input on.