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  1. It would have been awesome if u sell xtals for gold in game By : tom_cruze
  2. it would have been awesome if you did not make this thread
  3. This would kill ATAs prime source of income, this causing the company to go bankrupt and ending KaW. By: Moose
  4. ^Wow Moose is alive? we heard some weird stuff about you.. glad to see the meds cleared that up brah :)
  5. I'm alive. I'm just fighting a bunch of real life battles ATM. Its been keeping me very occupied......
  6. do you miss all your little teenage fan boys on KAW?
  7. No. By: DarkHaven433
  8. No effort.... No support...

    Anyways crystals are used in order to regenerate troops which in turn generate money by attacking and spying in PvP or epic battles.
  9. No support devs will loose a lot of income if this happens!
  10. If they allowed it only on days starting with the letter Q I think it would be acceptable By: Redundis
  11. ooh an irl 1v1

    whats "real life"? i couldnt find it on the app store :(
  12. but moose has more cs than u dark ghost. Da lol