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  1. You guys shuld make a special day to where your troops regenerate 8% in 2mins it would help us smaller peeps out alot and a day where all ebs are 2x drop and 2xgold you guyss shuld do thhis every 4months thanks you guys are awsome people also( P.s.:you shuld make a ad chat)
  2. Ad chat I agree with.

    The rest is a bad idea.
  3. That was also rather difficult to read.
  4. Barely could read that
  5. **** up you muppet
  6. No support :? Dude u be crazy o_O
  7. Ad chat yes. But everything else no. Also, do you speaka de engrish?
  8. Quit dissing him for poor english, he may be speaking (well... Typing) a different language or is merely dyslexic. That doesn't make him a bad guy.
  9. Ad chat maybe. Maybe just remove all Ads.
    Troop regen faster? No way