Idea to somewhat fix the player gap.

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  1. This thread will be short and sweet, for a few reasons that I will not state. I came up with an idea to close up the player gap, and there is one perpetrator.

    The cost of lands. The reason I am not double my size as I am now, is because I spend half my money on lands. I have 2 ideas.

    1) Bulk buy Highlands and Hoarfrost

    *Credit to __Individually_Idiosyncratic__ for this idea*

    In Smash, you bulk buy the lands and have them all unlocked to build on instantly. In KaW, the price rises for every land. If we have a somewhat cheap yet somewhat grind worth price to bulk buy them, we should see an increase in player growth.

    (We could still sell 1 at a time or all of them for a discount)

    2) Hand out "Land Tokens" in events

    No, I'm not talking about free land tokens you can use on ANY piece of land, I'm talking about land-specific land tokens. If we handed out a lot of these during events, lets say 5 Highland/Hoarfrost tokens, we could cut back on the silver bars SLIGHTLY, but not so much it cancels out the price of the token. For hiring a big milestone like this event with the 1,400 silver bar increase from 1500 to 2000 event items, it would encourage small players to grind hard so they don't get them for free. Once the event is over and they have 5 Highland Tokens and/or 2-5 Hoarfrost Tokens, they could use them to unlock the lands for free. This would benefit small players by giving them an option for free lands, while the larger players shouldn't be too mad. Heck, they could even get 1 Abyss or Osmon Rai token every event.
  2. Support but not five tokens. Two or three max, they can be saved until the lands get expensive.
  3. I don't understand the need to bridge the "gap".
    You want everyone to be the same size? What's the end goal here?
  4. Thanks for the 'small' hat-tip.

    I edited my post because my intended point was that I would actually prefer a scaled-back progression of land unlocks and an increased cost to building upgrades to balance.

    My next Abyss land is 400b and has been for some time. Very hard to plan for that when doing constant wars.
  5. If I recall correctly, build tokens didn't get an option to be used - they were used automatically on your next land. I don't see a few free tokens being a problem
  6. The player gap is needed. It's possible to bridge the gap if you are active and a smart player.

    Player gap shows time and commitment for the players at the high end.
  7. No support to #2

  8. No, it shows how much one spends on this game.. Stats no longer represent time spent on this game and have not for quite some time..

    Want to be huge and bridge the gap, you better get that plastic out
  9. If you're willing to travel to ATA HQ and take several life sentences in a maximum security prison you could probably build complete in ten minutes.
    That's plan B for me.
  10. Actually you could decide when to use the build token by buying an item in the marketplace. It is the spyglass for the lands that you're thinking of.
  11. Smells of communism to me