idea to make wars more active

Discussion in 'Wars' started by nova_scotia, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. We all want to make wars active and reason to use and gather mith so why not released mith required and upgrades furnishing do pvp furnishing like how the old eq was back when everyone mith just for it just a idea feed back please!
  2. Hell yeah Devs, let's do it!!
  3. I think at this point devs prefer just to let wars die
  4. Totally random thought that could be cool if worked on, one final upgrade level for buildings that requires mith.

    Initial pro would be that it gives LB a goal to achieve that they haven’t already stockpiled enough gold to do before its release like lands. Also benefits small players even more.

    Idk just a thought
  6. Bring back war eq
  7. Neat idea nova you actually contributed to the ee society :O

    Jokes aside good idea
  9. Don't quote then say nothing it's pointless idiot
  10. Havent seen this suggestion before,
    Support for this and new mith EQ. Either would be great but imo still not enough til war LB rewards are back on par with EB rewards
  11. Seen it suggested a couple week's ago but whatever I support it anyway.
  12. Buying new furniture with miths will help encourage more to war
  13. Actually not a horrible idea, I mean at this point anything from building upgrades to new equip or charms/furniture, whatever, anything that would actually cost some mith wouldn't hurt... (Have to make the reward unimaginably fancy and powerful like the old days!) That might motivate some more ppl to EE, or at least do the odd pvp weekend.
  14. I guess not many people care about wars or making them popular again such a shame this idea could of brought back the old feeling of wanting to war and earn mith and showing off mith furnishing if it had enough support

  15. People care, the only way we will ever know if devs care though is if they decide to do it, usually 2+ years down the road if at all.
  18. Support (;-;)