Idea to get a new player base.

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  1. Hardly active? Just based on your battle wins you had to play an avarage of 6hours a day .
  2. Most of you guys who are saying that you can be hfbc quickly are missing the point.

    Not many people want to download a new game and "put in the work" (for two or more months) to credibly compete. People want to feel like they have peers and can compete immediately. Right now, kaw doesn't offer that opportunity.

    Devs take notice...Currently, the value proposition for new players is so lacking that generating new players is next to impossible. Advertising, events, PR won't make a difference if your product is undesirable.

    Of course, you probably already know this.

  4. This is a valid point. Essentially what Devs have been doing is raising the stat ceiling exponentially while keeping the stat floor intact.

    In addition, HF buildings are pretty useless anyway; they don't give much stats.
  5. Right I have 19670 offensive attack wins so 19670÷147÷40 about 3 and a half unloads a day. I was like wth I know I don't play that much but even then yes 6 unloads a day is hardly active most play a lot more than that.

  6. You have 22000 battle wins according to your profile which is more accurate


    And no most of kaw unloads 3-4times oer day if that
  7. I also have 200k losses I think its pretty safe to say that I have some successful defenses which show up as wins on profile smh. HF glitch gives 40 attacks a unload. My math is spot on. 
  8. I think at your size you're irrelevant LoL
  9. No need, I'm
    Bout a week old and have unlocked deep mines. Play hard and reap the rewards,
  10. This is probably the most useful reply to this thread. Players get thrown into this unable to compete on any level at all, and free to play players have almost no ability to grow unless they slave away at the game (which can be quite unpleasant). You can't raise the roof and not raise the foundation, that's how inflation works.

    This concept should be mentioned in the OP or even have a thread of itself. This comment will more than likely go unmentioned by just about anyone browsing through forums.
  11. I feel handing to much would be a bad move it would increase banks a ton bc ppl could build 10-20 40-60 trillion banks in a matter of 2-3 months if they wanna put in the foot work and would destroy all current system u can say this levels out the playing field but it would also give small clans the ability to catch up with the big dogs so maybe increase slower but I still think a start over might work out best but devs may not like that in the short term as many would ditch this app the next day other then the big dogs
  12. I think it's time to give noobs a head start... I think 100 land tokens and 100 special building complete tokens (all levels at once) OR a choice of the first 4 worlds LC BC with a choice of modern build hybrid hansel attack etc with appropriate guide on use - Ajax
  13. would it be difficult to give us different equipment slots where we could organize different sets of gear for different purposes

    idea on your new ventures can you give us something resembling a rune that gives our equip buffs or debuffs / penalty to enemy bfa/ amount of gold lost like unholy aura

    maybe add set bonuses if you were going to revisit the black panther/ stemtemplar etc would encourage ppl to strategize if we wanted to ( is the set bonus of inferior gear more beneficial in a certain situation than the better gear)
    it would be a semi rpg feature but it could fit the game
  14. Is that a one month shattered sword o.o
  15. What happens when you start a game at the end?

    You beat the game in 5 seconds and now you are bored, then you uninstall

    Kaw is nothing like the open world of WoW that probably takes a year to map out just walking around, and then there is the dungeons

    If devs did this idea everyone would quit, this idea is telling people who spent 10-20 thousand dollars on their account

    "thanks for the $20k but we giving it all away for free now"

    You're just going to have to play the game like everyone else
  16. If somebody is dumb enough to spend $10k-20k on kaw they need help
  17. #redstar