Idea to get a new player base.

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  1. Only issue means that our serve eventually dies

    I would like to see a pvp only server with pvp crux chests and pvp events though
  2. Even by giving them hf they don't. In current kaw, it takes maybe 2 weeks to hfbc. Less if you know what you are doing. The only difference this makes is new players will actually have a build to play with. Not some shoddy tower build because they got hit once.
  3. I'm not even hfbc yet lol
  4. Good thought, but I object for a different reason...alts ,to a person where 25t is pennies ppl would create alts on computer build themselves a hfbc or whatever you propose then make it 5t ... The new ppl wanting to actually pvp would be outmatched from the start on a tier to tier basis a 10m can't really fight a 9m with comparable equip and 300mbfa it's perfectly fair to create an alt and keep it but you would allow them to get ridiculously high bfa with just a little event effort
    Beyond that it would ruin the already suffering ally market would it

  5. The only issue with avoiding giving new players moderate size accounts, is new players take one look at the lb and quit.

    You are part of the problem, as i said above new players dont want to even try when they see 4.5bcs accounts when they maybe grow 500kcs an event.

    Im 400mcs and i still cant get 30mcs in a week unless i dump 100$+ into the game

    You do realize the majority of kaw of f2p right?

    False, that would just boost the first 3 teirs in size. Second falsehood you made is that people get hfbc in a few events, make an alt rn and pm me the name and post here when you get hfbc, it will take you atleast a year of you unload 10x a day. Unless you dump some major cash into kaw.

  6. Do you realize how little gold and event items small accounts make , even with these events it takes almost a year to hfbc and thats just the beginning.

    That already happens , and if we actually got a new boon of players and kaw doubled in size we would save the ally market .
  7. While it may sound like a good idea to you, I'd imagine that LBers would not take kindly to having their accounts that they spent thousands on, reset.
  8. I would make those buildings free as well then so you can't make a new account to sell all the buildings and volley gold to main. Also war accounts who use a lot of bfe and bfa need to have low cs to take advantage of matchup algorithm so they would prefer if they could sell he buildings
  9. The lands through HF maybe free, but I'd say half price would be better. Also all building ug should be halved at most as well.
  10. Why would they have to reset?its kaw on a another server
  11. World of Warcraft is way older than 3 years closer to 15
  12. A year to hfbc? I'll do it in max 2 months I'll even go one step further and not hit a single EB just PvP events. I'll take you up on the challenge.
  13. more promos :p
  14. So what it's a game! u want to be in the top put in the time! Ur a typical of noon trying to get big without putting in the work!
  15. The idea is to have a chance at top. At the point there is not a chance in hell a new player could be BC or competitive at a high level. Now if I told u that u could play a game for years(hell make it a decade) and never come close to being competitive that u would actually play? I think not because u play to win not to know that there is someone better.

  16. Yes , i said best player retention out of any game over 3 years old . "Over "

  17. Create a new account and pm me the name :)

  18. Im 5x your cs, noob
  19. I'm 147 days old, don't spend anything, hardly active and I think I'm a little bit past hfbc if that proves anything.
  20. Interesting idea but I can't imagine this would even be implemented