idea: Make forums great again (daily quest)

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  1. If they give out 2, using 1 is no issue right?
    Also I meant to say charm once

    Good point, maybe "write a meaningful reply to a thread" would be more appropriate, any fourm ban also prevents you from getting these rewards for x number of days.
  2. Support and there should be mandatory mod duty to write interesting forum each week. We need creative mods that we can look forward reading. Too many useless KGB mods already. I vote eagle demoded and bring creative writer moderators.
  3. What exactly do you need rewards for posting for ? Cmon you do that crap and the forums get flooded with people like Sean.
  4. The forums died when this game died, and that's been a while now.
  5. Yo 750 x 20 = 1500 not 15k

    ...stay in school & don’t lick the bus windows on your way there
  6. I honestly don't think that implementing a reward system to post in forums is..well a good idea. Here's why, people are to lazy to read forums anymore. Multiple people have tried to rev it up in forums to no avail. You get a good post and then you get trolls who are mad that no one likes their thread or the Op for that matter so they go and sabotage other threads and derail it. Or you get those that are not having a good hr, day, month, or year etc and want others to feel just as bad. My proposal - throw out something that's positive and make it memorable in forums. Think about it as something that's gonna be graded by the entire KaWmunity and bring something new and out of the norm.
    As for the mods, they do what they need to do to uphold forums code and conduct. Sorry, not sorry B-) js is all..

    Thank you! :)
  7. So just legends...
  8. Can you be anymore random? This is the laziest response I’ve ever witnessed. Post something and let the community grade it ? Well let’s get an F.

    You can’t get above 10 replies for your craptacular kaw stories. The community is more than 10 I’d also give you an F for those.
  9. Yo 750 x 20 = 1500 not 15k

    ...stay in school & don’t lick the bus windows on your way there[/quote]

    Did you just actually get that wrong trying to correct someone 
  10. Lol, this guy :lol:
  11. I support this statement.
  13. A post that doesn’t blindly defend the mods? Wow
  14. The mods are the sole reason for the decline of forums. This narrative that trolls are the problem is the wrong answer.
    Back in the day when mob rule was present if it was a good thread it survived regardless of a troll.
    If it was a bad thread it died in the fire of public opinion.

    The mods banning doesn’t equate to a thread being good or bad. They stifle any discussion good or bad which kills the mojo and vibe of the forums.

    Being afraid or getting threads locked and getting banned on forums is a big factor for turning people away.

    I remember the giant thread that people posted their pic on and that was cool, it let you see the person behind the account and now thats against tou, thats just another example. Over complication of the tou mixed with too many grey areas and throw in loose cannon mods with no oversight breeds contempt and anger. Think of the normal players as french citizens and the devs/mods as french royalty pre french revolution.
    The mods look down on us as if we’re second class citizens because they’ve weilded unquestionable power for far too long.

    Couple what I said with the mistake after mistake the devs have done to this game driving players away and that equals a dead forum which will never go back to what it was.
  15. Good idea Grave! Rewards worth 25 nobility points seems too much though. I would suggest just 1 or 2 Nobility points rewarded upon completion of the five tasks you outlined above!

    Premium currency should not be too easy to obtain, especially since we players have been getting free Health Crystals weekly from daily Legend activities and even just by logging in! I just got 5 free again yesterday!

    Perhaps If I may, suggest that weekly nobility point rewards will be given to players who post on forums consistently without breaking any rules associated with the game.

    The task would be to make at least 2 forum posts every week (2 posts/7 days.) Once that's done, players in which I will divide in two categories will receive the following rewards:

    2 Nobility Points for players with less than 1 year of Kawmunity Badge.

    And 1 Nobility Point for players with 1 year or more of Kawmunity Badges.

    In short, all players will get rewards for being active in forums with new players getting the extra incentive!

    I haven't seen it on experience, but I can generally agree with you that players who come and derail the threads or give a reply that is specifically aimed at causing a player to react negatively out of emotion is one of the most common causes of threads getting locked!

    Even though with the vast moderator team, imagine if the Kaw community is filled with 99% of the players who are positive and with an open, growth mindset and forums would still be active would we still see a new thread getting locked out of derailment otherwise? I believe not!

    A very good proposal, minus the grade. In my opinion it is not the best idea to have forum thread posts graded. Every player should be respected in their own way as in who they are, regardless of their status!

    Though, I'm all down for contributing to making forums memorable again! Of course, it cannot be done alone too!
    Mrs Beefy!
  16. How exactly do you think that will work Sean ? You never have an opinion that is your own. You go along to get along. You are a follower not a leader. This type of personality doesn’t get you the promotion, the captain of the the cheerleaders, and or clout. You use you VK just to please everyone in kaw. “Everything is super” mentality isn’t always the answer.
    I don’t support this idea. Why should the devs reward people for posting in forums especially with things that you pay to have? Beefy and your threads absolutely suck. You guys get 10 people to reply. Well really it’s 10 replies and you both are the half of them in your own threads.
    Beefy randomly posts about negativity in forums. It’s to be expected when she and you post just plain crap thinking that it’ll revive the forums.
  17. Apparently I have a few poor choice of words. I didn't say literally it would be graded lol. But none the less thank you Sean and I agree with you completely. I like what youve thrown out there. I could definitely see what the Op was going for. Thanks.
  18. Thank you Sean, the devs have been giving out many xtals, maybe the nobs are too much but 2 xtals if you spend 1 and do other things seems rational
  19. You're most welcome, Grave!