idea: Make forums great again (daily quest)

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  1. I'm going to keep this short and sweet

    Forums are dead and daily activity for most players (fairies) is not a must after they reach their event goals, too fix both these issues with a daily quest section.

    Each day there should be goals that reset upon noon PST

    Some could be:
    Use an xtal
    Use a speaker in wc.
    Read a thread
    Reply to a thread
    Buy an ally

    These should result in a daily reward upon full completion worth 25nobs and (2 xtals, 5 nobs was my idea)

    Optional ones aswell like:

    Hit other players 10-100x
    Join a Indi/ kingdom and allies/ lowland war
    Convert a charm a charm
    Hit a specific EB

    And maybe even weekly ones such as

    -Make a purchase
    - Participate in 4 wars
    - Hit 1500 actions on any epic battle
    - reach 800 actions on other players
    - use 40 speakers
    - add 2 new friends .
    -upgrade 3 buildings .

    The possibilities are almost endless.
    Devs please consider this or some sort of reward based system to make the forums great again


    (P.s: I'm actually a socialist )
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    Support but you misspelled forums in title smh :|
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    Fixed ty
  4. It’s not possible this game is dying a slow death

  6. There are atleast 15k active players, less that 1% is active on fourms, that can change.
  7. support. A bigger reward should also be given out if all the weekly quests are completed
  8. funny funny. The community calls for “make the forums great ”.............

    When ? In between all the dumb mod forum bans they hand out. ? Screw that. Blame the mods for having crap forums !!
  9. fair point lol the mods played a big part in the death of the forums

  10. 15k active players divided by the average 20 accounts per player ...leaves 750 actual players
  11. Let’s look at the recent forum events. We had Bella and I attempt to bring back the forums with threads to encourage opinions from other players. Mods developed personal vendettas with the backing from the devs against us. They propped up the VK people in hopes that those duds would bring back forums.....didn’t happen.

    Mods passed out bans like Pez candy. Locked every thread that they didn’t support or got their ass handed to them in debate. Threads don’t need mod support to continue. Hell they goaded Bella into osw from locking her threads non stop.

    Mods dumping on forums killed the forums. Blame them. Let the mods bring back the forums since they chased everyone away. Them acting like asshats towards people that tried to bring back forums, they can post all the threads they want.

    Where were you when we were asking for your support ? Head up a Mods ass ? Ban me...idgaf. Mods screwed this up not me.
  12. Lmao! they've been saying that since 2010.
    And yet it's still here :)

  13. Do you not understand the difference between players and accounts?.

  14. You bypass several times while complaining about being unfairly banned, oh the irony
  15. @grave it’s not a bypass he made no attempt to get around the filter.

    The forums relied on a strong player base around them and I think trying to re-attract that is a noble pursuit but a part of me feels you’re trying to catch lightning in a bottle. The real peak of the forums was probably 4-5yrs ago long before the forums even had mods.
  16. Let the mods bring back the forums......they screwed it up.
  17. Support.
  18. Precisely. All I wanted was to get the forums rolling again. There is no reason they should be dead, but the reasons aforementioned are why they died. I remember 5 years ago when the forums were full and had a large following. It surely doesn’t have as many as it once did.

    When all that is allowed on any given topic is “support or no support”, when dialogue failed to be the number one priority, that’s when the forums died. Forum Mods are for sure to blame here, they targeted players for simply trying to initiate dialogue. I’ve said it before in a thread I created a while back, forums are for dialogue. When you’re not allowed to debate back and forth, when you silence/ban people from even finishing their thoughts, when you decide to shut down a thread midway because of personal ill-feelings towards a specific player, that’s when you have a problem and it should be rectified.

    When you see favoritism and carelessness of the agreed rules of conduct, it’s unnerving. I can give you countless examples of how a mod decided that a ban for something on a specific person didn’t affect another person who did the exact same thing. I can give examples of how mods locked threads or threatened to lock threads for one thing while other people did the same thing with no repercussions. It’s like that in world chat as well, not just the forums. So I agree with you, Domo.

    I fully concur with this. They screwed it up, let them revive it. I’m done trying to fix their mistake and getting the crap end of the stick for it. I’ve put so much of my time into trying to revive this forum community, all to be slapped in the face. So, let it die or let them fix it.
  19. No i prefer to hoard them for weekend NK

    More casual wc chats would be nice.

    A lot of people lurk the forums. But honestly do we really want to bridge the legends and forums?

    I imagine the "banned for" thread would get bumped a lot more.

    Doesn't really change much tbh.

    I doubt the devs would give that much handouts daily. It would crash the charm farm market, LOL.

    Alt scting time. But still a good idea.

    I would not complain about this. Support.

    lol wut?

    Doubled sided sword that would either encourage more clan hoppers or clan owners would schedule around this somewhat encouraging more loyalty.

    Sorry for sounding a bit negative.