Idea for Veteran Players

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  1. So I've been thinking about the veterans in the game and noticed we could use a little recognition. I've come up with an idea that will focus on the banners.
    So to start it out Veteran players would recieve a banner at the 5 yr achievement. This banner itself would give decent stats and would help other players recognize the veterans of the game.
    2nd part of the idea: After you have the banner every yr after the 5 yrs you would gain one upgrade token to lvl it up.
    (Example: 7 yr achievement would mean the banner plus 2 upgrade tokens, which in return would mean a lvl 2 veteran banner)
    This is a rough outline of my idea, lmk if you have anything that could be added to this idea..
    Happy Kawing...
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  2. I doubt those who are newer to game would enjoy the boost... Although it’s a good idea; one I doubt will fabricate however..
  3. Yeah maybe possibly just give a veteran banner not be able to upgrade it?
  4. Possibly. But I doubt the devs will even consider it. They may see it as a waste of time for such a minor addition...
  5. We already get a percentage bonus, mostly you’re just wanting something visual so someone can see you’ve been here for a while.

    They have that visual... it’s the achievement badge that, again, gives a percentage bonus.
  6. You guys are missing the point, i just want new banners cuz the old ones suck
  7. Most veteran players have decent banners.
  8. I'm a standout, i dont have a good one
  9. Most veterans have seen the light and quit
  10. Better to give veterans a no stat increase but cool visual recognition of some sort - maybe an aura to the banner. In fact the background to the banner could be changed easily
  11. I agree to that, the devs cpuld atleast do that
  12. They could introduce “skins” to banners 😂 so instead of another % boost, you apply it to a currently existing banner for a different look.
  13. I actually like this. I've been playing for 7 years almost 8 now so I would like to see something like this happen.
  14. I would like some sort of easily identifiable marker to show who's been around. I'm gonna hit year nine soon, so it would be nice to have something to brag about.