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Do you think this is a good idea? Post responses please:)

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Since quests are entirely irrelevant and the “free nobs” tab almost never works, I think it’s high time we give the f2p players a better way to earn nobs, yes?

    Here’s my proposal:
    What if successful EB and/or PVP actions could drop nobility points? Of course it would have to be rare, something like a .1% or .01% chance, but it would be huge for f2p players! I don’t think it would take much - if any - money from devs considering they’d be rare drops, but it would help give a leg up to those players who won’t or can’t spend any money on this game. What do y’all think? Please bump if you agree!
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  2. Guys please, there's no need to bump threads that are already at the top of actives. There are nine million better things to post than "bump"
  3. Sorry! Didn’t see it there is all.
  4. Additional idea:

    How about the possibility to watch ads for nobility? Each ad would give 1 nobility and there could be a limit, lets say 20.

    This gives f2p players AND also paying players a chance for some nobility in between regen of troops or while waiting for the next eb.

    This seems like a win-win in my opinion:
    • f2p players: have a chance to get nobility for free
    • paying players: it's something extra, and not too much (if a cap) so nobility loses its 'value'
    • kaw: ata makes money from ad views and now they can even profit from the f2p players. This will increase their income.

    Just an idea :) lets bump this aswell👌
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  5. Out of curiosity, what do u think about the idea? Or someone else suggested watching ads for nobs, which honestly could work even better👀
  6. don't bump 😅 sorry in advance @mod
  7. Tbh I always want more free/low energy stuff, because I love that instant gratification, but I'm not sure this (via actions) is a good way to do it. It basically is like getting x many free seals (or keys, etc) a year for all active accounts. Which again, I would enjoy, but I'm not sure if it would be an overall boon to the playerbase or just one more thing that favors people with loads of accounts.

    Technically this is actually already available via questing though. If you want to dedicate your troops to questing, you can easily get a few nobs a day. The difference with getting nobs from all actions versus quests is you also get gold from other actions, and progress on the eb.
  8. Could we also consider adding the ability to sell premium items (i.e. circle pieces) for their nob price? That way we can funnel around our nobs to be used on the most relevant premium items.
  9. Only problem with quests, is they’re entirely irrelevant outside of the extremely rare nob drop.
  10. Now
    Now there’s an idea! I like it.
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  11. I would like to see all three of the ideas mentioned in this thread implemented.
    Free to Play players need something more to play for and this would help progression hugely.
    A lot of games already implement freebies for watching ads so why doesn't ATA put this into KAW. Solid input sam.
    I think the more actions you do in a day the more chance you should have of obtaining nobs, up till a certain point. This relates to locustmikes post.
    Now stealthgoat's idea is a good one too. I'm sick of having A couple random circles. Give me back the nobs to spend how I want.
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  12. I don't think that would be such a good idea, seeing as they do drop from chests, and there were quite a bit of corcs dropping early in the days of chests
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  13. Exactly. That’s what I was thinking. It would make those drops relevant. I suppose it could be abused though 😪
  14. Some sort of exchanging system would be super nice though.