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  1. Hey KaWmunity,

    I am not sure if it was suggested before but I have an idea. I think we should be allowed to trade crystals for nobility and vice versa. I’m not sure of the proper ratio, maybe 1:1 or even 2:1 would be fair.

    I think this is beneficial for a couple of reasons:

    The first being that it would generate revenue for you, KaW developers. Some people prefer to buy nobs, some crystals. This would urge them to buy both or more of the one that they prefer.

    Secondly, it would allow players to utilize more options in the game via chests, regenerations, and premium items purchased from the marketplace.

    Lastly, I want it specifically because I could open more chests with crystals to nobility and then buy keys, I have on hand quite a few crystals. I don’t usually regenerate my soldiers and spies, so they just sit there. I’d love to use the crystals for my clan mates instead of the crystals collecting dust.

    If any improving suggestions can be given, I’m receiving comments. Support if you’d like to see this implemented. I know KaW has a lot on their plate and this is minor, but sometimes it’s the little things that make the gameplay a little better. :)

    Edit: After progression of this thread, I also suggest putting a cap on what can be transferred, like how Mithril is capped and you can not buy more if you have 36+. I suggest capping this at 20+ and you can’t transfer any more if you have 20+ nobility. This will avoid any exploitation of seals, circles and horns.
  2. The ratio I believe would have to be 1 crystal to 10 nobs because you can regenerate your troops with 10 nobs.
  3. That’s doable. I was thinking that as well but decided to go 1:1 or 2:1 to entice the devs a bit. To be completely fair, it should be 10:1 and 1:10; 10 nobs to get 1 crystal and 1 crystal to get 10 nobs. Thanks for suggesting the fairer ratio. :)
  4. No support devs give Chrystal on a regular basis. Their gift is limited in functionality for a reason that I'm not aware of... Although I don't dislike this, free stuff ) What we should have is a way to convert aqua into xtls right now it's the other way around and I don't like that. Just like the nobility for a few gold would anyone spend 15 to get a few b instead of 56 for trillions?
  5. If spending nobs could get you trillions, then the premium eb clans would cease to exist.
  6. That’s not going to happen now with how devs are throwing free xtals to players. This would diminish their profits too much.
  7. Will just make people make even more alts tbh

    Alts at war
  8. It’s cute how he believes the devs will read this
  9. Tbh I’m surprised people aren’t noticing what’s happening. Are ATA’s monthly profits still high for KaW?
  10. The ones smart enough to notice things probably left long ago
  11. Are there even devs?
  12. How would this diminish their profits? If they did away with the free crystals or lowered how many they give, they would actually gain more profits with increased crystal/nobility purchases.
  13. This would decrease their profits. At the moment if someone has some nobs but needs a few crystals, they have to buy crystals. This way they’d be able to use prexisting nobs, causing fewer purchases to be made.
  14. Not really pie. They are really not going to allow trading of things that are the life Blood of the profits. They will keep the in ap game packs for sale. That just need to increase the availability of them.
  15. And what happens when those nobs run out? They’d have to buy more. Same with crystals. I don’t see how this could be exploited either since nobs/crystals are tied to the account rather than in the showcase like charms and furnishings.

    There’s not many ways to earn free crystals other than opening chests and the devs giving them away like candy, but even with chests, you need 10 nobs to open one chest for one crystal.
  16. Not actually true. You can trade 10nob in the Oracle for a regen, same as you can trade an xtal for regen.

    The only playerside benefit to this idea is to trade xtals for nobs to use for stuff like opening royals and buying seals, which are premium-only atm (short of questing for nobs). Given how many free xtals we keep getting, in my opinion that's an unlikely feature. Buying nobs is always more versatile in terms of functionality, which is why we always get xtals when we get free stuff, or occasionally other specific-use items (free chests, we got some royal keys when they were introduced, free event items, etc).
  17. So cute :D

  18. With that post it shows they really don’t care. Instead of breaking forum rules and going off topic, don’t you think you could have maybe interjected something about the topic?
    I’m stunned.
  19. Think Winston is a dev alt :p
  20. Any insight to the OP and possible implementation of this aspect?
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