Ichor Drops Unbalanced

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  1. Can't believe the game changed in the past 4 years. Incredible. Also not our fault they all quit.

    Kinda getting off topic here tho
  2. it has changed, you should just quite again
  3. Lol nice
  4. If you want that, go into some LB clan's line group :roll:

    Fairly sure there are mods/VK that aren't 100m. You aren't the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, are you?
  5. quote="DoC-Ashaya-RoC"]
    I can confirm that crux does not affect drops nearly as much as you might think. If you got 1 an action, you would get 3 for 2 actions instead. It's nothing.

    Things that do affect drops: items used, troop level, amount of damage you do (this I have confirmed thru soloing rotwb, then running it with an alt. When solo I got 60 ichor. With the alt, and only 30 less actions, I got 10. Tested more than once).

    Xtals affect it to a point, but you get more by skimming, by a fair amount.

    However I can also confirm, for whatever reason, a smaller account doing the exact same actions will get more drops from hte. This didn't seem to be the case in zta, at least not as noticeable, but in hte it's a difference of nearly 10x. 16 attacks, 24 assassinates, no items. Small account got 57, this one got 6.[/quote]

    Is that means when u full mith = u do more damage = u got more drops?

  6. Is that means when u full mith = u do more damage = u got more drops?[/quote]
    Never actually tested for that. Or pots. Then again, I don't know if my damage goes up, so someone else might have to test that.