Ichor Drops Unbalanced

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  1. the drops are messed up in the old man ebs too not just zta and hte
  2. Support. Plain and simple just balance out drops. Or even if unbalanced at least make the goals achievable based on the drops. I'm a small player but not small enough to capitalize on large drops which seems even worse.
  3. Eagle, you are wrong about randomness. We have run quick tier one old man ebs. One tiny account was getting massive drops. We tried to figure rhyme and reason. Nothing logical. With items without items drops were huge - 10x mine, BC hansel. We though random. Random my ass 5x in the row same account.
    This is messing with my money, as I was funding most of those quick infection ebs. I do not like what Charlie, this bloody social justice crusaider is doing.
    ATA, I do not like you messing with my money. Turning revenue tap off. You can shove it where sun does not shine, or maybe you actually think it is a source of light, i dont know, I do not care. 
  4. Who would have thought that a yafi member could complain so hard about ebs :roll:
  5. No1curr stop you're damn whining
  6. So this was not intentionaly done by the devs?
  7. Look at the old post "regarding the new event harpoon". During that event (which was a month or so ago) it was repeatedly pointed out that the event drops favored the smaller players. Devs did nothing. Same system seems to be in place now. So my guess is that the drop disparity is either intentional or not something the devs believe needs to be changed.
  8. Maybe they hit items and u didn't ? Idk that's odd. Bumpidy bump
  9. I like the cough grow a little. I forgot that only those who nolife their way to BC in 2 weeks should be able to speak on forums, let's ban everyone else.

    God forbid someone takes the candy jar way from the big accounts for 5 seconds on this game, because they'll all flock here demanding change when there are already better methods for getting ichor than HTE. I dunno, the bottom hitters on some of the higher tier EB clans are getting massively more than OP did.

    Just all flock to one of the 2 hour old man EB clans, a privilege that we smalls do not have ;)
  10. Any update devs? :(
  11. Yes, you're still a nobody. Get relevant please
  12. Still no reply from devs :s

  13. Maybe it's a sign :roll:
  14. Why do you hide in forum from an alt? ;)
  15. I agree completely. I play everyday and have made no progress
  16. Funny joke haha I lost my main account around 7 years ago. :oops: what's a guy to do? Certainly not whine and moan on forums that's for sure.
  17. The ppl cast crux + gold crux + sealed/seeds + hit items

    these pays u better ichor drops.
    Regular troops and spies only pay u poor drops
  18. I can confirm that crux does not affect drops nearly as much as you might think. If you got 1 an action, you would get 3 for 2 actions instead. It's nothing.

    Things that do affect drops: items used, troop level, amount of damage you do (this I have confirmed thru soloing rotwb, then running it with an alt. When solo I got 60 ichor. With the alt, and only 30 less actions, I got 10. Tested more than once).

    Xtals affect it to a point, but you get more by skimming, by a fair amount.

    However I can also confirm, for whatever reason, a smaller account doing the exact same actions will get more drops from hte. This didn't seem to be the case in zta, at least not as noticeable, but in hte it's a difference of nearly 10x. 16 attacks, 24 assassinates, no items. Small account got 57, this one got 6.
  19. 22 troop/spy actions on hte get about 50 ichors

    22 item actions from hte would be 150+ and if cast crux + gold crux then almost 500