Ichor Drops Unbalanced

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  1. Devs when will you bother to look at this thread and fix drops?
  2. The feelings of self entitlement are real ITT.
  3. I really would just like a response saying the issue is being looked at. :cry:
  4. Actually I did got a response! The developers are reviewing and investigating the issue.
  5. Guys I just figured it out, we have it all wrong.

    Drops are based off of damage dealt to the eb! Old man eb has a crazy amount of item damage to inflict and thus more drops.

  6. No

    Bigs do more damage.

    Smalls get bigger drops.
  7. I don't know why most care, it's not like they'll actually need or use the BFE for anything. It just sits there like a trophy.

    Most are only interested in this so they can show off how much money they threw at premium EBs for a piece of equip that'll be outdated by tier 1 event items a few months down the road anyway.

    Smalls actually need BFE to hit higher tier EBs more than most big accounts sat in EB clans need it for their vanity trophy collection. No support.
  8. SUPPORT. What the hell is this 80 ichor drop with one full unload and Im 355mcs
  9. I endorse this message. Future dev tweaking is straight pandering
  10. All I can say is haaaaaa

  11. Wow it would be a bummer... if one change out of the last 3-4 in the game was for the larger accounts (The people who keep kaw going) instead of all the changes being for the small accounts (who don't support kaw nearly as much btw).

    In the first place why would you care? You already get crazy good drops from EB's compared to those who pay to keep kaw going. The change wouldn't effect you at all. :?

    If anything you're the one trying to keep things broken. The main goal of kaw is TO GROW. Wow. Shocking. I know. Must be crazy to think that you have to get stronger in an RPG type game? Meh. Done with you. :roll:
  12. How would this effect smalls at all? Are you crazy. All this would do is allow bigs to get the same amount (means equal drops for all including smalls and bigs) as small accounts. Crazy you have to get stronger in an RPG type game... cough grow a little.
  13. No support
    Don't make the gap between smaller and larger players bigger
  14. Yes the idea is to GROW so the devs are helping smaller accounts GROW.

    Like are you stupid or just 12? If you're 12 tell me and I'll back off but come on, stop being to thick.

    And not that it matters at all but I get about 97 ichor for 63 actions on crushing old man so :roll: yourself
  15. So if all these new ideas by the devs were to help smaller players grow, then why is there so many players dropping builds on purpose to dominate war brackets and pvp events? Do I have to point out the little statless guy that was ranked second in the last event?

    I'm all for bridging the gap. But I'm not for encouraging more drop build alts and troll accounts.
  16. Think people are confusing event drops with equip drops this event;)

    The tier 8 skirt is huge stats - very over powered for small statted accounts.

    BFE isnt bridging the gap. Event rewards do bridge the gap. and bridging the gap doesnt mean handing on a plate to people, they still have to work, just the rewards excelerate growth with in term leads to player retention which in term leads to more people staying and playing KaW
  17. And most agree with that just not on premium Ebs where you spend RL money.
  18. Hit the higher tier old man ebs if you want good drops and stop complaining that a small eb such as hte doesn't give good drops for bc players... It was created for making gold and old man was created for the event items simple as that.