Ichor Drops Unbalanced

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  1. I'm all for having even drops but the problem isn't just this event lol like I said its usually the other way around and the bigs aren't on forums wanting fair then js.
  2. Because those drops are actually fair.

    Sure, bigs get more regular drops during other events, however, they still hit the same limit as others. Additionally, the drops increase with size, as they should.
  3. The game should reward growing your account in the first place. Also I honestly can't believe that... show me an ss of a small account hitting a premium eb with silver and gold crux 2x more than a bc and then the bc getting 10-20x more drops maybe I would believe it..

    Anyway, for this specific issue I just want larger accounts to be able to get the same amount of drops as small accounts.
  4. Support drops are so low I jus stopped trying, I get 58 which would take forever to collect the amount needed for the insane inflation of the equipment levels. If only the drop rate matched this inflation but sadly that is not the case the amount needed for each levels rise while actual drop rate drives a purchase frenzy for peeps hoping to gather enough when it's not possible without spending real cash for some eq that's gonna be obsolete within two weeks I don't mind spending but 58 lol with my spies an troops alone I should net 100 easy but nope 1 unload can net a small alt hundreds with while my drop rate seem to be based on if I xtal or not an I don't mean to complain drop rate jus make trying to upgrade the gear over priced
  5. And I want small accounts to get the same amount as bigs. Don't you see we want the same thing? Well maybe not these crappy little builds that stack BFA for easy wins in ee they don't deserve anything IMO.

    Edit: I am growing my account I've just come back from a break anyway we do want the same thing trust me I've lost count of how many times I've said I want drops even on forums no matter size. Imo the best events were the moth and fang events oh and pure PvP events of course with no ebs.
  6. Small accounts should make maybe half of what bigs make dependent on build an side tho it's good that devs wanna help new players I've jus yet to see any new players jus more alts...can anyone name a new player that's not an alt in rp? Ill wait
  7. No support,due to the fact that drops are unbalanced in normal EBs compared to zta/hte.A zta would prolly drop you around 700 beetle ichor for one unload and 10 items hit,but TSG/TS/AFF would drop me 100 ichor for 3-4 unloads and items hit.
    Compare them yourself:15 minutes for ZTA/HTE and 4-5hrs for TS.Where's the fairness?

    As for your question,pk79 has probably hit items in that EB,items you probably haven't hit.That's how hte/zta clans low stats members max items.
  8. Yes I hit items... lol stop complaining about premium eb's that isn't what this thread is for.

    I had 2x more actions than him and he earned 10x more drops. <-- this what I'm complaining about.

    This isn't a rare occurrence this is EVERY premium eb.
  9. I've not noticed this for me. Guess I'm too small??
    I get 100/200 ichor an eb with multiple unloads if I don't hit items. On crushing man.
  10. This post is mainly for HTE/ZTA I haven't been watching the other eb drops as closely though some have still noticed it on old man eb as well.
  11. From my personal testing, the drops are based on your contribution. Full unloading, no items, net me about 80 on hte. I did it again, and it net 60, and another it net 130. The less people active, the more I got.

    Now my take on the issue here is that the game somehow recognizes little actions as a bigger contribution. Which doesn't fully make sense, but it's entirely possible.

  12. Then you should probably keep running your "premium" EBS and keep staying there in top 10 leaderboard,shouldn't you?
    Drops are broken for every EB.Like it or not,nothing's gonna change.
  13. Funny to see a BC account whine about drops when ALL the events of the past has been in favor of BC accounts.
  14. Nice OSW lol. Chasing event? I see your legs are like t2. You won't make T8 but some small 20m cs acc already maxed.
  15. Yes it definitely has been skewed like this in the past. Clearly all BC accounts made 3k items per hte while all other accounts only made 200... incase you can't understand this is sarcasm.

    Have you ever played Kaw before? smh.
  16. Support us bc builds need better balanced drops :razz:
  17. Thanks for the support :)
  18. Support drops need to be alot better for premium ebs
  19. IM <20MCS WHERES MY T8 EQUIP??? 

    :thinking: please stop complaining