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  1. I know its great 
  2. Ill clear this up for you.

    North, hes cool. Hes our boy here at msb. North also knows that any IA business is not M.S.B business.

    Like i said earlier, i got friends theres, but thats as far as it goes. North knows where we stand with these matters.

    Any other questions?
  3. So you allow your member to be part of another alliance
  4. Now they back with msb and op quit lol.
  5. Oh look guys. The whiney cannonball is back!!!
  6. @cantone,

    What the hell happened to you?
    Ive never seen you in forums acting like this before.

    Ill put it more clearly for you.

    North, isnt none of your business.
    Msb, isnt none of your business.

    Now, do i go to your clan and jump up and down on the bed while you're doing your business?
  7. cantonesewhineball crying on nearly every thread I read. You that upset about getting stripped kid? Just ask your daddy to use his cc again & spend another few months in lol self pinning on ebs. You'll get it back.
  8. You do realise how many IA leaders sit in lol self pinning on Ebs?
  9. Just curious. I was under the impression IA was a bunch of small accounts. Are any of them big enough to win more than one action per bar on Catonesse
  10. They're not small, but they can't fight on their own which is why they refer to themselves as "IA." How do I know? Because canton was in PvP with one of their members and and he was losing badly, so they got their group together and asked me to help strip. From my experience with IA it seems they just gang up on players to make themselves seem big.
  11. Lmfao 
  12. There are but they prefer to spank Apheriun instead.:)
  13. Nice thread, but i find it very weird that youre recruiting members during an osw. That is a surefire way to allow spys to infiltrate your ranks
  14. Nice thread guys.
  15. Thank you.
  16. Hang on they asked you for help? That's not what they are portraying. They say they do it all themselves and they dont ask for help when it gets tough. The clans they take on are true osw clans. Lots of silence now from IA. They must be hitting hte hard at lounge.
  17. I agree, clans such as "The True Legends" are true osw clans.
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Not open for further replies.