I saw a...

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  1. With a cool moustache
  2. And then he transformed into a goat
  3. Which was orange
  4. And stole his homeless buddy's last sip of vodka.
  5. And then the next thing I did was...
  6. Buy an extravagant...
  7. So I carved the carrot
  8. Into a figure of
  9. Elsa from Frozen
  10. And bit off the head
  11. And stuffed in rest into Olaf, violently
  12. Then I jumped off of a
  13. Snowdrift filled with alien jello beasts.
  14. But I realised now that what I just said made no sense
  15. Because I am weird
  16. Every time I see this threads title, "I saw a..."

    The little voice in my head says "no you didn't".

    That's relevant somehow.
  17. After listening to infernos statement, I...
  18. Saw a puddy cat
  19. Then I take a bucket full of water..