I.S.S stripped 3 billion from me last night and i'm mad!!

Discussion in 'Wars' started by McShaggin, May 13, 2013.

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  1. Again with this? I stopped caring so long ago lol xD....
  2. I can easily make 3b in a haunt :|
  3. Dear op
    Three billion isn't going to make the world
    stop spinning. Hit back, request cf, grow,
    play kaw and, have some fun!
    No more crying, okay? Okay. :)
    Yours truly
    Ten Peeps
  4. Oh stupid stupid cynder. Let me explain. I have a 1vs1 with black hand. That means that I'm not going to help final fantasy. And I'm not going to call in outside help. Black hand, who has called for outside help a few times now, had to stop.

    So, if the retards at black hand start beating on a tiny eb clan, that has absolutely nothing to do with my war with them. Which, might I add, is like beating a very very dead decomposing horse.

    LR vs bh = 1 war.

    My admins aren't dumb enough to let someone like poor ol bully into our clan so that he can hit players outside of his main non warring eb clan out of a grudge. And we sure as hell aren't dumb enough to let it escalate while we have 54 inactives farm sitting in black hand waiting for our lovings.

    However, if a separate war started with LR and another small eb clan, we would multitask. Just as we did while warring tactical force during the summer war tourney and as we did warring mostly inactive ag during the foxes war.

    So no. Why would I thank ISS for jumping I. To save their dead inactive buddies from the phearsome eb noob clan? Because.... No.
  5. You take this game way too serious.
  6. The fact remains. BH was fighting two clans. Iss jumped em and your 1v1 is back to just that.

    I don't see why u feel the need to insult. I just told it as it is. Doesn't matter if you called them to help or not. They were still helping by hitting bh. And your claim of bh asking for help. Provide proof. Otherwise ur just spinning your wheels here like usual. Chill out. I got nothing against your clan. Just the way you represent them.
  7. Wow...3bill....never have I seen so much gold in my life 
  8. Hmm who cares its a war game? Lol
  9. Always hated Belle as a mod as she was overly aggressive in everything she did. As a clan leader, I give her a lot of props.

    If I understand Belle's posts, a player goes to black hand so he can beat on a small clan (guess his home clan didn't at ball?), but gets stripped by last rights? Priceless.
  10. Alright I'm done with this thread, belle is getting too dumb for me xD
  11. Ahaha love how someone mentions Ancienne and in she walks.
  12. Dang op your too small to hit.
  13. 3b  what noob OMG
  14. Lol obviously neither of you actually read the thread.
  15. And 3b is nothing wait till you get striped of 50b and up then it hurts
  16. Lol 50B is nothing wait until you get trillions and up it hurts!

    That doesn't even make sense...
  17. I'm not at trills yet, iv still got two highlands left
  18. My compliments to I.S.S and Black Hand on a great war. That was old school. Kept me up all night Monday.

    Those who thought I was crying. boohoo. Read the title and think again.

    The last 2.6 billion in allies are still there to be had. This toon won't be seriously worked on for a long time if ever. That doesn't mean the hits won't be returned by someone more capable though.

    To all in the OSW (My clan-mates and my opponents you did a great job): Just Awesome. This is why I play the game.
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