I.S.S stripped 3 billion from me last night and i'm mad!!

Discussion in 'Wars' started by McShaggin, May 13, 2013.

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  1. Wait a sec... BH is farming someone - for real or is this a joke?

    There's 2 BH in worms? I only had one bookmarked 

    3Bill. Ouch.
  2. BH were picking on eb clans during the alliance war also. Instead of hitting primary OSW targets, they like to find easier prey especially if they post about it. I think they pin on them.

    So it impacts our fun negatively 
  3. 3 billion gold is alot I support you op
  4. try 30T ;)
  5. Try 300 mil! That's a lot of forges!
  6. I'd like to have 3.

    3 gold..
  7. You can buy a mega potion of bread with that ;)
  8. 3 mil? Holy crap that's a lot. If i got stripped that much id probably have to quit this game
  9. Stop whining, 3B is nothing and I would beg for CF, or they'll make you quit KaW
  10. Wait a sec, they stole a whole 3 bil?
    They must obviously be capable of making him quit the game when they can take a whole 3 bil from someone :I
  11. 3bil is a lot for his size! ...
  12. ^Not really actually. He has an adequate amount of spies, i think he makes 3 bil easily in a day or two.
  13. the trillionaires in game lost any feeling for sizes it seems ... THAT'S pathetic ...
  14. one day can be long ... why don't the big players not waste a day or two? ...
  15. It's.... Here..... With.... The... .... .... .... Again....
  16. yeah "it"s STILL here ... and "it" discusses with YOU! ... KAW related topics ... no escape! ...
  17. Seriously? Some of you actually think i'm whining over 3 billion?? I was laughing about the over night 3 billion strip. They did 500+ actions. Probably wetting themselves thinking about the pain they were causing.

    It's a guild build. The next land is 90 billion. Too big to want to reset it. But if necessary will just pick one small active and make him a perma-farm until he knows my schedule by heart.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.