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  1. Well my guess is less than 700 people hit 40k on this event please post your ranking if close to 40k when event ends .....discuss the logic in this event. Were devs right in making it hard to hit 40k??? Are you satisfied with your finishing goal?? How much did you spend to hit your goal? Should there be top 100 top 500 tier?
  2. The developers can't be wrong because it's up to them what's right/wrong, no one else.
    I do think there should be more tier's.
  3. With 20 mins to go I am rank527 with 40964 items. I'll update once the event is over :) I didn't spend a penny and no xtals were used.
  4. You don't really need to with your big ass Kez. :lol:
  5. Yh but the 40k tier is a hard tier to get even for bigs :p Just saying it's easily possible to make it without spending ;)
  6. Ok now that the event has ended I was #531 with 40964 items.
  7. rank 641 40,281 items 1 seal last day and 2 reg chests. the first 10 days I got 1k plus every eb for drop then last 4 days my drops went clear down to between 600 and 800 per eb. The devs messed with the drops I sent them emails and got no response.
  8. In all the events I have done I have never had my drops cut in half per eb ever.
  9. For some reason I got screwed over on vote 5 devs said i never even voted now if u know me I log in quite often lol so how i missed vote 5 I really don't know? So only ended up with 6 DERP