I need a good war clan

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Cobra, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Hello fellow warriors and forum goers, I am looking for a Season Six decent war clan, as stated in the title. Pm me if you'd like to know some more information.

    - Extremely experienced with INDI wars (200 wars)
    - Greatly experienced with lowland wars (75 wars)
    - I can change build to whatever you need
    - My current build is 23 max SoS and one max TL
    - I've never had a broken sword
    - I average about 35 hits and 50-100 mil plunder every lowland war
    - I can war in any time slot you need me to
    - I'm just looking to reach my goal of 15 medallions but I can war more if you need me to
  2. If your sword ever does break, hit me up.
    I'm good friends with Diego the local blacksmith and can get a fair discount for you.
  3. Alright thanks, like I said, it hasn't broken but it does have a few cracks and chips in it. I may need to take it over!
  4. He'll also steal your medallions so watch out.
  5. I'm unimpressed by this resumè
  6. And I'm unimpressed by your reply :)
  7. Who counts how many wars they've been in?
  8. Not me, I'm just guessing.
  9. Wall bermuda
  10. I need a war clan...
    I need a war clan...
    War clan.

    To bring me back to life.
  11. They're not recruiting and I do not wish to bother him :p
  12. Not sure that is really a plus point tbh it just depends on who the other team decides to pick on at start