I need a co-writer please

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by *hulkzord (01), Oct 21, 2012.

  1. horrible at stories and need help to make them better and good at rps title but not the back story
  2. Movomg to fan fic
  3. -_- dude.... Co-writers steal your work just read books and sit down for hours on end in front of a pen and paper.
  4. did you get a person scream at you saying its horrible cause I did
  5. by co-worker I mean a person read your work and say if its good or not
  6. like a teacher
  7. I'll do it for a few hires
  8. are you man enough to do it
  9. but I don't have much money sorry
  10. I'll do it for free. Pm me some of your writing and I'll help you improve it. :)
  11. Yeah I'll do it too for free if u want
  12. here's a helpful story you can do in real life....
    (you) go out to the lake, and throw your device in that you used to get here, making all of the subjects in KaW land really happy !
  13. yay I going to waste 100 dollars from a long time ago
  14. Please rewrite that sentence in legible English.
  15. Follow me. I have practice, will help you over time, and I don't cost.
  16. I'll waste 100 dollars if I do that