I moved to samsung

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  1. Are you sure it's not the simplicity of the os?
    Samsung is the figurehead of Android due to its popularity... But TouchWiz is an absolute mess.
    So maybe you viewed that?
    Pure android is what you need to experience the clean-ness ;)
  2. Android when you scout people you can actually see their build though right
  3. No...... It really isn't :?
  4. lol why Android people so butt hurt? 

    I don't have anything against Samsung I'm sure they make quality products (lol) put Apple OS on a Samsung and I'm sure it's fine. It's Android that sucks balls...

    sorry but KAW on Android is horrible ???

    "You can put a dress on a pig and call it Monique but it's still a pig"

    ...please explain to me why you'll pay 7-800 dollars, or whatever it is, for a device that uses the same OS as a device you can buy for 150? ...Camera better? ...little faster?

    (BTW I feel the same way about Apple between the 4 the 5 and the 6 unless u want a better camera you might as well use a 4)
  5. Ahhh, how convenient it is.
    Btw, the best buy the "rich people" need is a power bank. Power bank at the office, in the car, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, by the toilet bowl and of course in THE POCKET.
  6. Android is horrible period :lol:
    I actually hate Apple and everything they stand for but I can't stand android phones so in a way "tolerate" them for that reason only. I understand what it's like wanting to spend less on something that performs better over eyecandy. But here's the kicker, this isn't PC vs Macs, iPhones actually perform better in every way. Yes, they cost more but the premium price is absolutely worth it due to the high amount of people with iPhones. Why does this matter? Well, there's a high amount of things exclusive to iPhones and certain things that can only be done between iPhones. You could say the same for Macs but nobody has or even wants a damn mac :lol:
  7. Yeah I actually like Windows a lot more then Safari on PC ...it's just on mobile devices Android really sux balls lol
  8. I like my iPhone II with the various blades tooth pick and tweezer option. Let's talk about it for weeks.
  9. I got samsung edge and orderd iphone 6s hope it comes monday now 

     samsung edge for sale any one startin bid £1
  10. Guys there is a function in android too ( at least in my outdated s duos gt-s7562)

    Go to contacts-->select contact-->open menu-->"add to reject list"
  11. Android is better than apple so good choice op the block list part sucks you will have to get over it.
  12. I believe they were talking about a block list on kaw..
  13. Grizzy did strike me as a poor person.
  14. IN B4 LOCK

    OP came to his senses he's going back to Apple and selling his Samsung (request lock OP)

    ...if you can't sell it you can always donate it lol

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  15. What's that got to do with anything? Even if I was poor (I'm certainly not rich) and I very much doubt you are either, android is still better than apple and by saying this you are saying your bf is poor as well.
  16. I've had an iphone and a samsung and the samsung is without a doubt better. First time I dropped my iphone the screen cracked, ive dropped my s2 about 100 times and nothing. Also android arent weird about what you can download and use like apple, I can run emulators and other stuff on my samsung straight out of the box.
  17. I think it's trying to communicate :?
  18. lol
  19. Guess no one want to bid 
  20. Lmao iPhone isn't a better product, honestly the software on the android is better. I could have gotten an iPhone but then I remembered that every update apple has actually makes the phone slower so yeah.... android for me.