I miss you mom

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  1. Ok...

    Now things have got me sad
    She dont even answer my calls
    I swore she'd live forever
    But then abandoned the cause!
    Its like life hates us
    And wont even let her live
    And no matter what we spend
    It just wants us to give!!!
    Ive given my all.
    I've donated my life to it
    I cried when mom hurt
    Donated shirts cuz she's lucid
    But life's no longer clean
    And this rap has stained my hands
    I thought rap was the one
    But moved on to better plans!
    I thought I was the man
    Cuz I dumped all bank accounts
    I mean, rap paid my bills
    Was the ONLY one I'd think about!
    Rap promised the world
    But delivered a little girl
    My pearl is now Destiny
    And my legacy is plural!
    Cuz I got a son from it...
    And hes got that tongue too
    And he looks like me
    Hide ya daughters & ya wife too!
    Rap has done its job
    But now its on to the next one
    I remember being 16
    And thinkin I was the best one!
    But there was 16 stitches
    And Static was born from it
    My mom aborted me
    But hip-hop was her stomach!!
    I refused to die
    And swapped hands til wanted
    My foster mom took me in
    And showed me a woman!
    She taught me respect
    And a lot about humility
    She taught me about people
    And would hum rap melodies!
    She said Id break them hearts
    But never mentioned my broken
    Never mentioned the scars
    Or living hard & weed smokin!
    She did teach me things
    That I apply to my kids
    And I miss her every day
    I thank God that she lived!!
    But shes gone now
    And rap seems to be slippin
    And all I can think about
    Is drugs and women!
    I try to ease the mind
    And remember I'm a writer
    Then I remember my outlet
    Was the Freestyle Cypher!
    So dump all emotions
    And write and deal with it
    But on cold nights like this
    Even pills cant help lyrics!
    I miss you mom
    God just took you away
    You was only 39
    When I witnessed ur grave
    But I lived with ur pain
    And realize ur safe now
    No more struggling for breath
    the clouds hold you safe now!
    I need ur guidance
    Mom, I need myself a hug
    I need you to look down
    And be proud of your son?!
    I need a few words
    So please recite from ur bible
    Please re-ignite my life
    And re-teach me survival!
    I know you dont drink
    But im takin shots for you
    Not running from the cops
    Graduated college for you!
    Mom I got a good job
    But im tired all the time
    And this rappin didnt work
    But worked hard just to shine!
    You told me not give up
    And just "finish ya goals"
    But mom, I did that
    And I did it on my own!
    Please just look for me
    And keep an eye on these kids
    You only saw one of em
    But the both of em would give...
    Anything to have you back
    My daughter talks about YOU!
    I guess in 50 years
    She'll watch over me... like YOU!

    Sleep well, beautiful lady. We'll see you soon.
  2. tl;dr, pls no incs

    19/38 with your stats? lel
  3. tl;dr
    He misses his mammy

    edit:This is actually pretty dark.
  4. Goodbye, my friend, until we meet again.
    U're in my heart and in my blood forever.
    Foretold parting - no one to blame, -
    Just means reunion closer than ever.

    Goodbye, my friend. Without shaking hand.
    With no sadness, no furrowed brow.
    There's nothing new in death.. i understand.
    But living isn't either newer now.
  5. Pill popping and weed smoking ain't gonna help nothing. But R.I.P your mom
  6. You are quite right, bro. Thanks.
  7. How recherche
  8. If you die, you'll probably not miss her anymore. Probably.
  9. Lmao "death gotta be easy cuz life is hard"
  10. Exactly. 50 got that **** down
  11. That's sad.
  12. Yea man its been a crazy few weeks. Hold those and tell em you love em cuz mostly, you never get another chance.
  13. Virtual hug for you <3
  14. Channel that negative energy everyday into a positive art 

    A lost life's significance comes from and reflects on those of us left behind.


    Keep grinding Static
  15. My condolences to you Static. My heart goes out to you.
  16. Would be cool if you started making beats and developing these into actual songs. Would love to see your imagination with a tempo.