i miss saltyfeet

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  1. I have finally determined that this game truly died when saltyfeet uttered her last breath on forums

    Honestly I still get upset thinking about it.

    Missing you babe ....

    Please post your favorite saltyfeet memories below:
  2. Favorite moment: no more salty feet
  3. I'll start
  4. I miss you...
  5. Please post more saltyfeet as well
  6. I'm kind of pissed that this thread isn't dedicated to me.
  7. i miss him too.

    and wordwaster
  8. I miss slayerbob
  9. .i had soo much fun and laughs when SaltyFeet was around.He would always stick up for me when the idiots would try insult me he was like a big brother haha.It was SaltyFeet, SkinnyMinny and me against all the kaw world and it was some of the best times on kaw.
  10. If you want to, and I know you do, you can lick my feet. I'll even salt them for you.
  11. Which one?

    Weren't there two iterations?
  12. Try licking the left one ...I think it's a little more salty then the right one
  13. I miss bunchies
  14. BUMP

    ...still waiting for one of you clowns to lick my feet :|