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  1. so i just learned how to do bbcodes...


    Hello there KaWers. I am here today to tell you a little about my new profession. I am now dedicating my KaW life to....


    but im still going to hit ebs...

    Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

    1. I love roleplay
    2. I hate people who hate roleplay
    3. [ATA]Charlie is my dad

    Now let's move onto what this thread is all about.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (strategically placed lenny face)

    Here are the types of roleplay i shall perform with you free of charge

    Power ranger roleplay - only condition is that i have to be the pink one

    Minecraft roleplay - bring your own pickaxe

    Kingdoms at War roleplay - bring your [ATA]Grant action figure

    Donald Trump roleplay - no information needed

    Teletubby roleplay - also no info needed

    Here are the types of roleplay i shall perform with one ally hire

    Pillow fight roleplay - no naughtiness inolved, apart from the destruction of pillows

    Dog metamorphisis roleplay - (this is one of the higher difficulty roleplays and i suggest lower leveled roleplayers not initiate this roleplay)

    Girl scout cookie selling roleplay - please bring your own uniform

    Moderator roleplay - make sure you have enough speakers

    Here are the types of roleplay i shall perform with three ally hires

    McDonalds employee roleplay - contrary to popular belief, this is a very pretentious roleplay

    Redstar and Cella romance roleplay - in memory of a kaw leaderboard legend also known as extreme tappy tappers

    British Tea and Crumpets roleplay - i had this with my boy Waterbottlez recently i dont wanna go into the details of what went down

    Insane Asylum roleplay - this one is fun because the voices in your head get to play along with us too


  2. I want that redstar and cella roleplay
  3. I gotta say this is the best rp troll thread ever!
  4. 3 ally hires my good sir!
  5. This is awsome
  6. note : i will not do unicorn roleplay as that is ashes speciality
  7. Why no lotr:(
  8. I will inquire about your services later.
  9. I'm just kidding, but I had a nice laugh from this thread
  10. You thought this was a joke?
  11. I love Lonesong.
  12. Will you be the lady dragon to my Man Gorilla role please? I've been searching for a good lady dragon, and you seem befitting for the job/role/task/fun time. Name your price.
  13. Where is the communist rp? I feel personally attacked that you a complete stranger wouldn't provide me with communist rp
  14. You don't have communist rp. Communist rp has itself.
  15. What 0.o no Darth Vader luke I am your father rp :/ my words like Yoda for nothing Ive practiced -_- your Allys want sale buy one I shall not!
  16. bump for clannies