I just dont get it

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  1. *Roni isn't salty you morons.
    *Hurting another human being and making them cry isn't "cool" or brag worthy
    *No one is a "god" on a taptap game.

    Holy crap you people are delusional.
    I just don't get it either, Roni dear.
  2. Really should let this die. Salty draws enough attention without his/her/its attention threads

    Plus you know, let roni fade into obscurity then nobody makes it cry and you don’t have to play white Knight. Everybody wins
  3. Kinda is cool if that's what she tried to do to others but it back fired :lol:
  4. Damn, Roni. You still kicking?

    Looks like you grammar skills have picked up a little in the time I've been gone. Glad to see that.

    You know I'm just messing with you Roni 
  5. And i'll never fade into obscurity because i'll always have oddballs like you rogueseifer talking my name even when i am not here.
  6. and even talking about hiring me too !!
  7. Yeah I have no clue about the buying you comment but meh

    Nice that you bump you own thread to try make yourself relevant
  8. I'm a g0d in a tap tap game o3o
  9. Better start saving up and snap me up fast.Because my dream owner Vamperous told me it's on his to-do list next.
  10. Or you’ll get a new profile pic. Your choice

    Tick tock
  11. someone pass the popcorn
  12. I support this lack of support
  13. Thanks for giving me something to read on the crapper
  14. First time reading. Great forum keep up the good work.