I just dont get it

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  1. It’s really weird seeing an alt talk about another alt as if it’s a different person
    Regardless, feel free to use that main. I’m sure I might give a damn at some point :-D
  2. Sorry to say rogueseifer the clueless .i am female from u.k and saltyfeet is male from u.s.a . You got it wrong !!
  3. Roni you missed this.
  4. My theory that you and salty are the same person sounds more plausible than you being separate people from different countries. You can’t prove I’m wrong soooooo I’ll keep this happy opinion
  5. Roguesheifer go ask ElizabethBathory in new age legends if we are the same person . You really have no savvy .Most on kaw know we aint the same person.
  6. Leech alert ,Leech alert !!

  7. mic drop
  8. Roni's face when her thread backfires

  10. Posts a well thought out reply and directly challenges Roni to reply to it (which she can't)

  11. Classic.
  12. Yes let me go ask somebody I don’t know to tell me something. Honestly every time you post that line between roni and salty gets more blurred
  13. people are odd hun <3
  14. Jesus. Some these replies in here are novels. I’m still fairly new here, but do people really care that much about drama on this game?
  15. Roni does
  16. God complex
  17. dear roni

    hey roni hope all is well

    love, lonesong
  18. roni rhymes with tony

  19. They probably hate you because you totally butchered the Ridin Dirty song with that awful meme dude.
  20. Should let this thread die. Salty has enough threads polluting the forums