I just dont get it

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  1. What is wrong with people ? After all this time has elapsed and i been off the kaw scene for a long time.Yet the clowns still cant shake me out of their hair and their heads.Not even just that i now have picked up another gaggle of fools jumping on the roni hate patrol. I wouldnt even mind if i knew them or had history in the past with them .But these new group of lowlifes cant seem to get enough of me they trying all types of devious tactics to get my attention.But sorry fools one thing you should have known about me is i am always one step of the game. And i dont fall easyily off what you wished you could be known for .You cant out trick or out speak me ,out class me ,or out fight me .You need really just work on your own " i am going to go down in kaw history " off your own back. And really if you was secure within your own ability to shine and amass a notorious sobriety on your own merit instead of trying to gang jump on me .Because facts are most of you are little puppets who cant stand alone and are easily manipulated to do another persons work. I dont need to say any names .You know who you are .And last bit of advise.Most of you are big stats and no history. I mean my newest hater thinks she is a legend just for being a member in the sweet spot !! Reality check no the sweet spot is only known for being a L.B eb clan .Apart from the dumb and sleazy things you say in worldchat you aint even in my league of infamous .Quit jumping on the bandwagon you mindless puppet's being told to just hate on me to impress kaw's vermin .Get your own star aura in the making.
  2. Id say youre about 4-5 years behind the game actually just peep the stats ;)
  3. W.o.g had the stats :- yet they still cease-fired to Apoc!! aka shut up.
  5. They do it cuz they kent estand bin a bonch of losers
  6. Hate us cause they ain’t us
  7. wow, what a jerk
  9. Hello. You actually tried to troll me in a group because of my appearance. You then wanted me to call which resulted in your voice breaking while you held back tears and you hung up on me. I'm sure it's pretty safe to say you're my hater as I destroyed your spirit and made you leave every group that I was in.
    It's clear you are jealous of me in every way, on and off Kaw. That being said I will happily teach you how to play kaw. It will be a honor to be taught by someone as godly as myself.
    The offer is there darling.
    Best wishes,
    Typhoid the Kaw God.
  10. wow, what a sav
  11. Ill admit it... yes... im jealous of your 500stl badge. Plz instruct me oh farmer god Roni.
  12. Nobody:
    Roni: I just didn't get my GCSEs.
  13. Teach me oh wonderful one.
  14. As everyone can witness i attract all the jealous weirdo's who need to constantly lie to give them something to say ! i bring all the oddballs to life and re awaken their inactive minds.Everybody has withnessed Typhoid in worldchat not even able to string together a conversation she gets lockjaw after one word. Quit your lies typhoid .i have never said anything about your photo and everyone has realised how weird you are and you constantly talk about me for days even since i not been in that 3rd party app .You oddballs are trying to lure me back in the room .Because for true you all lack a productive life and you need people who got charisma to bring you out of your nullness .i wished i could rot all day and night on 4+ accounts hitting the ebs like a robot.How exciting your life truelly is .Yes i am soo so jealous of those big stats .You already notched up your kaw legacy right ?! Everybody talks your name ? Nope you not even got started on that ladder of being kaw infamous. The only thing you'll be known for in kaw's hall of fame is being high up there on the kaw leaderboard of who can get the most hte/n.k wall stamps .You got that legacy nailed. Nobody is jealous of you in the slightest so quit all your lies .
  15. Sorry, read the first two lines and now I can't get the song "Ma milkshake brings all the chavs to the yard" outta my head.

    Or in my case it's "Ma awesomeness brings all the chavs to the yard".
  17. Look, u think usin chav is cool. Its not. It makes u look like a weirdo an a dork.
  18. salty, what are you doing?
  19. Bro, kent u jos say high school or elementary or primary school?
    Ur a gaddarn weirdo/dork.
    Nobody nids ur hole alphabet oberhere