I have found kaw_admin

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  1. After years of looking for him ive finally found him
    Todays now a historical day for all of kaw as i have found kaw_admin

    Dont believe me here is the proof


    Note this is not a troll thread
  2. Looks fake
  3. Type username in bud
  4. :eek: years of your life that you'll never get back.
  5. It is.
  6. Searched it nothing came up. Lock for misinformation
  7. Couldnt get it to reg ss had to do a crappy resize app :lol:
  8. Account was renamed or removed
  9. Just found him not even an hr ago in allie market
  10. and you didnt hire?
  11. Not enough gold
  12. Then why is he magically unable to be searched? It doesn't bring up the old classified pop up. It brings up invalid user.
  13. Heck, even the person who "owns" in your picture doesn't own him.
  14. if you didnt have enough gold why were you searching for allies that cost more than what you have lol
  15. Event money
  16. I will ask his owner
  17. Yeah ask his owner  I am curious where it disappeared
  18. Nothing too crazy.

    Was just doing some cleanup of older ATA accounts that are not used for various reasons. This was one of them, though it shouldn't have just disappeared. They'll just end up renamed, but their forum posts will all remain.

    The reasoning for this is to prevent people from contacting dead accounts for support.
  19. Sadly kaw_admin is still classified. However, you can visit the clan, A Thinking Ape, whenever you feel the need to visualise a Dev account. Lol
  20. It's a conspiracy!