I have a Confession

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  1. I am a filthy, and totally depraved sinner and i am the worst sinner among all men on earth. I am disgusting and i don't know how i can live with myself apart from Jesus.

    I hope everyone here can forgive me for being so filthy as i don't even deserve to be in another human beings presence, because i will just corrupt you with bad company.
    I am such a terrible person, and i wish you all could extend mercy to me just like Jesus Christ has.
  2. You are not the worst sinner on earth, I'm almost 100% sure there are much worse people than you. Just accept that you are forgiven of past wrongs and try your absolute hardest to not do them anymore and try to live a life of love.
  3. The feeling of filth will no longer exist if you take a nice warm shower or bath. It helps me sleep at night.

  4. Even if i ate the mint in the urinal?
  5. Irredeemable
  6. ..there's a mint in the urinal?

    To clarify, I am reading this as satire.
  7. I generally try to ask forgiveness for my wrongs within 24hrs of committing them, so they are absolved while they are fresh. It's always good to do it before you commit another sin though, have you ever tried murdering someone without a clear conscience? Unpleasant.
  8. Ya know, the freshener thingy. (I think)
  9. The past doesn't change because of abstract forgiveness. Nor will your minty breath.
  10. Okay, the mint was a joke, but i was serious about rest of the post.
  11. The first step on the road to positive change is realization of the negative things in your life. Be it one action, a habit, or a fundamental behaviour. Stop focusing on what makes you a bad person, and focus instead on your best qualities. Consider the kind of person you want to be, tmrather than the person you were.

    That does not mean you should forget the wrongs you have made, but if you use mistakes as lessons, you will succeed in time and trial.
  12. Harambe died for your sins
  13. You shouldn't really ask for forgiveness right after you do something sinful. Because you act like its an excuse, for instance say you did a sin, and immediately ask for forgiveness, you act like its an easy way out of doing something sinful. You shouldn't rely on just asking for forgiveness, you should surround yourself with good temptations instead of sinful temptations. You're basically not even forgiven, because you probably rely on the excuse way to often. Which makes asking for forgiveness useless. If you keep asking for forgiveness everytime you commit a sin, you should try to fix or change something that's allowing you to commit the sin. God loves you no matter what though, just don't rely on the excuse! (Don't take this the bad way, no harm done)
  14. What part of the Bible says that?
  15. Exactly, as a Biblical Theology major, i know that God hates the sinner. His attribute of love does not outweigh his attribute of justice. Sin must be punished, but he loves us so he sent christ to bear that punishment for us.
  16. I have a confession too...
    One time at a Chinese restaurant I... I took two mints instead of one

    Pleaseeeeeee forgive me

  17. Biblical theology major? That's money well spent to become a productive member of society. At least you know your income, 10% of your flocks income minus church overhead.

    Jesus must hate me for all the punishment he's taking for my sins lol
  18. Who are you asking forgiveness from?? If your speaking to your higher power/god, then it may help you to try asking your H.P/god, and who you sinned, or did harm to. Maybe that can help you understand what you did to someone, by seeing it in their eyes!!

  19. I also enjoy stuff and things