I failed to stay away

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rikkimaru, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. For those who know who I am, I'm back. But this time I'm not so active here.

    My question to those who remained, where did the activity here go? I hear all the better or bigger name forummers left (ashes, willy, rusted, troll etc.) So whos left? I know salty and kas are still here
  2. Sad to see my name wasn't on that list. As I would say: oof.

    Everyone left. Got bored of the game and decreased activity on forums.
  3. Yeah, seems about right. Tried contacting ashes a while ago. Got left on read :'(
  4. Good to see ya back.

    Also i miss dirtylarry and chubby's lack of support for wnything and everything
  6. It is what it is. I literally just picked it back up 2 days ago. I doubt I'll stick around, tapping ebs is boring and I'm too small to even think about osw or meaningful pvp.

    Maybe they all moved to Kingdoms of Heckfire or something.
  7. Probably right. I tried heckfire, got bored. Was basically a throw together pooped out to keep cashflow
  8. RIP Smash. I actually liked that game.
  9. I enjoyied smash, too bad about it dying. Was a fun and different little game
  10. KoH is for soybois. Everybody knows that.

  11. Koh is fun if you can invest time in it. But there is nothing the same as Kaw imo.
  12. No support.
  13. Hey, welcome back Rikki.
  14. I've been back for about a year, I don't play much. Just an unload or two a day.

    When I came back, I was half your CS. You can make it, just gotta (VERY lazily) want it.

    Welcome back, Rikki, cheers mate.
  15. Bye Seth... You know what they say

    Can't miss u if your not gone.

    Btw you always been bad at kaw. Your absence won't even be Noticed.

  16. Rick rolled
  17. Oh
  18. Me too . Welcome back Rikki :)
  19. Glad to see you’re back brother