I Dislike People Like This

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  1. Ok I wanna talk on the subject of rascism for a couple minutes as everyone should know , people are judged by their skin color and culture But how does this make you feel more superior?

    Anyways I was in Math today and was listening to some Dr.Dre and someone cane up and said "Yo, You're White Cut That Off" Now tell me what the point of this was (He was black) I wasn't bothering him And that stuff ticks me off Why Does Race Have to get involved in EVERYTHING it makes no damn Sense.

    As children of whatever god you may believe we are ALL EQUAL REGARDLESS OR SKIN COLOR AND CULTURE. With all this being Said I appreciate yall Reading I hope yall feel the same because it is not right at all. Not one bit
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    DeEez nutz
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  4. Are you sure he wasn't kidding...Or just an idiot?
    You shouldn't expect too much from people.
  5. 9/10 he was just kidding.

    I don't play basketball or football and I get the same, "but you're black." Thing.

    Somewhat harmless joking
  6. I'm German and I remember clearly in high school, especially history class things would get like that but they were more or less harmless jokes. Some rather funny, others not so much
  7. I'm sure coloured artists appreciate their music being bought by all races. If it wasn't that way they wouldn't earn half the money they do from sales. Narrow minded comments such as those op are from idiots who can't see the bigger picture. Sorry you had to endure that but this world will always have an element of idiots in it!
  8. What AJ said. Hell. Half of his comments are from me and my family, I think.
  9. I get that too but im not even black :^)
  10. TheKiller.. U should just stick to Vanilla Ice yo
  11. I'm white and I like Dr. DRE too
  12. I even don't know if why would Americans still compare the black and whites but I know that in the past the blacks are slaves in America but one of the black American fight for their independence and then there! There's no slavery anymore. But others still compare themselves to the blacks or whites... You know what, just ignore, not all people think the same anyway. And what he can do to you by the way?
  13. But Dr Dre's dead, he's locked in my basement...
  14. Have you ever been to a rap concert? Its 90% white people.
  15. been saying this for a while now, also dude pay attention in math class.
  16. Balto, pls don't quote OP
  17. your getting "rap concert" confused with "kanye west concert".
  18. Would you prefer I broke it into 4-8 smaller quotes with incoherent comments forming one full statement by the end?
  19. It's funny how the culture of the world is so self harming to itself. Racism is mainly started by those who feel most at risk of it and feminists in a lot of cases want to be equal but if they are treated equal want to be treated lady like with more benefits. In both cases people want to be treated equal but won't give back the same courtesy or contradict themselves because they don't know what they want.
  20. I think we shouldn't discriminate on race but culture is fair game. Lots of screwed up cultures out there.