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  1. So i posted this on Sora Farewell, i shlden't but nvm. If you guys want improvement, support this, @DEV/KAW_whatever, i dare you to reply me properly
  2. Im leaving too, bye.
  3. I'll sea you later Poseidon.

    Eh? Eh?
  4. After ignorance like that I hope so
  5. What a load of crap.

    Bots? It's quite obvious you have no idea what you're talking about. It's money amongst other factors that keeps the game running.

    I'm honestly tired of small non paying accounts expecting a handout. Free seals? Really now. :roll:
    You're angry that you aren't getting more free stuff? Tough luck, that's not how it works.

    This should help.
  6. Support

    Now, OP. I agree with your post that the developers are on a money grab at this point, a money grab where either they have to do these annoying events to keep making enough money or they just love the pay raise they got after the first few events, either way they've been quick to develop crap to make themselves money yet here we are what three or four years later still waiting on a clan system update.
  7. Pwars were the downfall of this game to begin with.

    The Pwar exploit lead directly to EBs. Then the war system was brought back for the summer tournaments and it was exploited again and became a turtle fest where you fought from pin.

    The truth is any system the devs come up with will be exploited. They don't care. They make money while it lasts. Now with the current meta game with the EE system you have to have about half your build in towers. So basically turtle wars are back.

    Actually kind of sucks if you think about it. You spend a bunch of time developing a decent system chock full of algorithms and subtle nuances basically knowing some nerd will find a weakness.

    The only thing that has remained static here in KaW is osw.

    If you need incentives to fight you're either new here or should be playing another game.
  8. Kaw is declining at what looks like an increasing rate. It's sad, as kaw/gaw/fc were very unique games that I find more enjoyable than most others I've played over the years.

    The reality is all games come to an end, whether it's the fault of the devs or just the effects of time. Either way I'm going to enjoy kaw while I can before the plug is pulled.
  9. Kaw will last a while, with or without you, good riddance.
  10. I've recently come back from a couple months absence from KaW I played a lot of other multi-player and social based games and IL be honest
    None had as lively social aspects as this game.
    Compared to the other games this is very well alive and striving.
    Coming back I can see the Devs. are being much better to their players so don't get too greedy guys it ruin the game for yourself, I mean they even stepped up their events look at this one for example way more complex than older ones.
    Pvp is incorporated now too.
    Pve also.
    Devs. Are listening just give them a bit
    KaW isn't dying nearly as fast as you'd think your just having a game burn out, so take a break and come back and realize that the Devs did make changes.

    Before you comment on this current account being recent is because I just started a new one because I upgraded devices I've been around since before the dragon melee event in 2014
  11. This op makes me laugh....old players have started as small accounts before hte/rotwb came....and you too...or your account born from the air?
    I agree with Poseidon...devs dont care about us the players...the only that they are preparing every few time is these events...while wars system or pvp is in the deep of the litter
  12. You are right, devs hate you. You cry and complain that you want more free stuff, and when you dont get it you accuse the other side of being greedy. Sure there are constant events, but 2.5k is easy for free, and 5k is still achievable, for free. Because other players are willing to spend money to compete, you are able to get a huge cs eq piece for free, with free gold in the form of solve bars.

    Lets not mention black friday though, where you spend $3 for a seal. Or the fact that almost every other week you get a free xstal for logging in. Free to play games almost always offer a bonus for spending. May I remind you that HTE was so popular players demanded it stays? Not to mention the very idea of hte was to help your clan grow. Devs didnt make hte clans, you guys did. Id also like to point out, since they dont listen to you, that the pvp curse idea was a player's idea. That since people complained that top 500 was the only tier with good eq, that devs made a top collection tier. That tiny accounts dont need a 50mcs piece of eq right off the bat. And lastly, that nobody makes you spend anything.
  13. @Saber...whats happening with wars lately?whats happening with pvp(not events)?
    if you call this to be worried of the players ...when in place of solving these issues they are releasing event after event...
    im not saying anything about free stuff,something nicely,im saying only that there are big problems to solve that to release one event after other
  14. If I'm spending to compete all those things are no longer free, especially top prize.

    I agree and disagree with this, yes no one is making us push the purchase button, however with the common drop of Jack in the Boxes you're required to use real money for chances at low node drops and other goodies beyond 14 boxes.

    It may be free but it isn't very effective at inspiring a want to spend on this game, because of a ridiculous requirement to spend $1.20 per box for more than 1 a day on a 2 week event.
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  16. Precisely.

    Also awesome job to Saber in saying it like it is. Devs do listen and that's why events have evolved. Free stuff happens all the time on this game. Other stuff is practically free if you put the slightest amount of effort (being active) into it.

    Also this is Kingdoms at War. If you're more worried about equipment / pay for EBs / EE tournament structure / etc. Over actually being AT WAR then I think you're missing part of the point of this game.

    Sure the game has evolved and there are other ways to play now, but the game essentially still broken down is about building to fight.
  17. Support. Devs already give us free things. If want to be in LB of events, buy . There is no things free. If KaW is free, then the developers will live in the office. You think its free to rent office? Electric bills?