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Discussion in 'Wars' started by MyNameIsYour3rdName, Feb 24, 2015.

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  2. Did you not already quit kaw? I liked that thread better.

  3. Who challenges someone while admitting they are using someone elses roster? Lock this garbage mods this guys a joke
  5. Idk about some ppl...
    Quick with the put downs n garbage...

    Starting with ppl who write multiple forums then show up on others thread armed with immaturity as a weapon n ignorance as a skill.
    Lets see which Trolls ears burn 1st
  6. Lol "allies". I JUST beat you 2 days ago what you want it again? Really a waste of my time to try to face you.
  7. Ee solves nothing anyway. Osw each other if u have beef.
  8. Had to be done :lol:
  9. I'll take it

    for this spare tissue
  10. Why are you photoshopping?
  11. "Photoshopping" lol
  12. Or your too scared to face my specialized roster and did I mention I'm wcing
  13. You're*
  14. Everyone cheers when they match you
  15. Im not sure, but im guessing its not a cake.

    This isnt how you call someone out. You cant just imply you are with holding a game changing secret while telling the other they suck if they dont fall for it like a dumbass...

    Why would you even offer up that info when challenging someone. Its like you are hoping they wont except.
  16. He isn't hoping they don't accept, he is a kid like I stated earlier so yes a little immature. It's his last war and yes I will be helping him, but he will be wc.
  17. More people acting hard?
  18. Support
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.