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Discussion in 'Wars' started by MyNameIsYour3rdName, Feb 24, 2015.

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  1. Go away

  2. Autobots over decepticons everytime dude, you'll do well to remember that.. And why the hell would I be mad? You would be very surprised how much it takes to make me angry.. You are not amusing and sadly for you, you are unable to make me mad...

    You're welcome to try however 
  3. Why didn't you wait until you were actually quitting before posting your shoddy leaving thread?
  4. I thought u quit. Noobs vs noobs whats the pt.
  5. Back off him jesus could u all be anymore rude or mean. He obviously is a kid. Does this make u all feel big or cool come on enough is enough.
  6. Support Lol
  7. Why not taking him as your warrior sylv? He is quite a "decent wc". 
  8. Yes. Absolutely.
  10. Im just missing all the wall posts. Esp during war
  11. With as many players quitting kaw already, why would you want to push more out the door.. Before you no it kaw will turn into gaw an fc.. Inspire players don't help kick them out the door!!
  12. Sylv is my hidden ally bud. I'm wcing war11 With some of her best warriors
  13. Because your lineup is crap, so u went bootlicking dotb? You challenge someone while using another person's warriors? Lol Calling u Noob is an insult to other Noobs.
  14. I see too much hatred in kaw these days

    Peeps it is a game and not real

    I think devs should squash all wars and encourage rp
  15. Forgot nat1501 for mod

    I would look good in that green
  18. So you can only win by using someone elses successful team? Not even a copy, legit using her members :lol:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.