I am the true kotfe leader

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  1. κστfε λฟλκεηιηg

    ωє αяє σиє. ωє αяє αll. ωє Bυяи Tσ иσTHιиg. ωє lєανє
    иσTHιиg. ωє αяє THє αωαкєиιиg

    sτλτus: ØSŴ

    Recruitment- pm RedHotVixen 

    We Support Free Ally Market✅

    λฟλκεηιηg Çøünçił
    Lord_mac, Eman,Ruthless,Smokey,Wease

    KøtFÊ Łórdš
    Lord_mac, Ads,Biff,Billy,KingMP,Kukie,LadyC,muffs

    ✯Á̸PØĆ̸Ậ̸ŁұPS Ξ✯
    ₩ Ð ₲ ₳ Ƒ
  2. Your battle stats suggest that’s a true story 
  3. No I am the true kotfe leader
  4. I’m Spartacus 
  5. hey man can i join
  6. I am the real leader!!!
  7. Errr... you definitely are not the TRUE Kotfe leader. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  8. You sure got him or her
  9. I am the real leader!
  10. Might as well be.
  11. Sorta true story

  12. Seriously...if you knew how lame you sound