I’m sorry I stuck my nose where it doesn’t belong.

Discussion in 'Wars' started by xXxTANKxXx, May 20, 2018.

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  1. Not talk trash, just see what they actually had to say. They claimed to be this that and the other and were making threats etc, plus pretending to know everything about me. But as soon as I asked for details they hid behind their screen and changed the topic. A simple phone call would have cleared that up.
  2. What exactly are you trying to prove? Who do you think you are? You are just as much a keyboard warrior as anyone else on this game, stop acting like a stuck up snob lmao
  3. Huh?
    1. I started 7 years ago. Nearly 8. I have not hit epic battles since osmon rai came out.
    2. No, you didnt grow.
    3. Your clan is dedicated to ebs, and you're in the history. Heck, you're hitting ebs right now.
    4. You're garbage
  4. you’re cute. Great stats for someone that doesn’t hit ebs. You must make a killing farming if you’ve bought that many OR lands. And without legends? You’re a stud, cupcake. We allll hit ebs. No one gets our size without them. No one wants to be smaller than a 3 week old account. So if I’m “garbage “ well I’ll join the rest of kaw and be garbage 
  5. I’ve also noticed you have a few drops from recent ebs. I didn’t realize the devs were just handing drops to random players. Or.... is the pot calling the kettle black? Either way.... keep up the noob rage. It’s entertaining ️
  6. Why does that taken moron have to keep posting the quotes of quotes of quotes. Seems counterproductive to the conversation and only serves to make him look more stupid that he already is.
  7. Than* you seem extremely edumacated
  8. Who are you?
  9. Who are you?
  10. Dad??
  11. Well now that it’s been established that no one knows anyone here....moving on. Hahahaha
  12. Keep the cf threads going
  13. You got to give Tank a little credit and respect for what he did.Not many clans/people would take in a individual who is being targeted by a clan and defend him.That shows backbone, courage and strength. Most turn a blind eye without asking if they being bullied or were the perpetrator.
  14. What drops? Lmao
  15. Great stats? Mhm.. this dead statless alt that still has 10x more stats available from silver bars,and thats only from wars and ally trading.. No, you dont need to hit ebs. You just suck.
  16. I feel like these people don’t actually know who DC is :lol:
  17. DC, you were quite the formidable warrior back in your day at PE.
    Yet, you must recognize that the game has changed drastically over the years. Wars are no longer fought the way they used to be, OSW clans that refused to get with the times and hit EBs for gold..died out. Many war clans run ally shield scripts that make stripping someone successfully impossible. There's usually a small window of minutes before the target is woken up. The game has slowed down with the focus over the last year being about charms/furniture and trading.
    The core loop of KaW was PvP but most of the updates to the meta over the last few years have nothing to do with PvP sadly.
    A developer posted a month ago about how the ATA KaW team had only two members, the iPhone/Droid client has a ton of bugs and glitches that have gone unfixed for a long time.
    I see 6 PvP spells in my store, Ally BFA is still displayed as minus, no 16:9/16:10 -iPhone X support, a lot of UI issues where text overlaps images on different devices, the war system is broken and outdated due to charms not being counted..the list goes on. It's almost like we have no customer rep working on KaW to take issues to a developer to fix. At this point for ATA, it's easier to do nothing at all and milk the game for all it's worth whilst focusing on their new project, Heckfire.
    It's sad but it's where the game is heading due to neglect by ATA. Great game, but there's only so much that can happen when a company ignores the game.
    Do you know PiMD is advertised on Facebook/YouTube and 3 more networks? While KaW has 0 adverts. Meh.
  18. KoH is advertised on I know for a fact FB, SC, and YT. I’m sure they are on more, but that’s all I use and see. In fact I see an advert for KoH daily on one of the apps. It’s crazy. Give KaW a solid customer rep team and a couple ads and you have a game being revived easily. I have no doubt that this game still has plenty of potential, just seems like the devs don’t see that.
  19. And now Venom's jealousy has reared it's ugly head again and he now is trying to act all high and mighty and talk down and try to lecture Dragon-Code. Well it's obvious why venom launched his verbal attack on Dragon-Code :- because D.C is more infamous than Venom.it's becoming a repeat pattern for him :- anybody who doesn't follow the norm and who plays the game how they want to and is notorious he will try bully you and attempt to belittle you(and lie about you). Ignore the oaf venom he is just trying to leech off your fame.
  20. Shoo Roni. Your nonsensical drivel gets boring quick. Find something to do with life.
    I'm not talking down to DC, infact I started out saying he was a formidable warrior and gave my two cents on how much the game has changed. Don't like it? Too bad. You sound like a kid with all the raging you do. You rage dropped build, what's next?
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